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The Day After

As you can imagine, running a marathon does take a toll on your body. However, there are steps you can take to help speed the recovery process. I posted this six-step plan after running the Prince Edward County Marathon in October and I continue to follow these steps.

Some people may think the idea of taking an ice bath after a run is crazy but I am a firm believer in doing so. I have done this after my last three marathons now and each time I recovered much quicker than I did after my first marathon. Once again yesterday it was the first thing I did when I got home. You can read more about taking an ice bath for recovery here.

As far as today goes as you can well imagine my legs are a little stiff but I am not in agony when I walk and I don’t have to avoid going up or down stairs like the people in this video…

I will probably be ready for an easy run again by Friday or Saturday.

Ice Baths for Recovery?

I came across a blog post tonight asking for opinions on ice baths for recovery from a long run.

In my experience they do seem to work. I don’t remember what it was that first got me to try an ice bath after a long run but I have been using them for recovery from long runs , over 20 km, for at least a year now.

I took ice baths after my last two marathons and seemed to recover faster than I did after my first marathon when I did not take an ice bath for recovery. In fact, after my last marathon in October I was back to running less than a week after the marathon.

If you have not tried one after a long run you may be wondering how an ice bath helps recovery from a long bath. Basically it is thought that ice baths help by reducing swelling and tissue breakdown, helping flush waste products out of affected tissues and finally decreasing metabolic activity and physiological processes. If you want to be read more about the theory behind ice baths have a look at this article.

What do you think? Do you take ice baths after long runs in order to speed recovery?