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Week 7 of Training for the Ottawa Marathon


Week 7 of training is nearly complete. Once again training this week was similar to the previous week given I had the same workouts scheduled. So far I have managed to fit in all of my scheduled runs for this week with the exception of the elusive Tuesday run I wrote about the other night.

I am starting to feel better about my training as I go on. I’ve been up over 20 km for my long runs the past two weeks so in addition to working on speed and strength I am now starting to build on my endurance. This upcoming Sunday will see me go up to 25 km so my 30 km runs won’t be that far away.

Speaking of long runs, I picked up a new hydration pack to use on my long runs. I was tired of fumbling with a handful of smaller bottles so instead I now have one item to fill and bring with me. The only problem is that my one year-old has already figured out how it works so if I leave it out she tries to get a drink from it.

Missing my Tuesday run means that I have not yet done my run with accelerations. That is my plan for tomorrow. Once again, I will be doing 30s, 45s, 60s and 90s accelerations twice. I just hope that after a day of rain and freezing rain the conditions outside won’t be too bad for it.

Once again I had another strong interval workout at the dome with 100, 200 and 300 m intervals on the schedule. I am pretty sure that I was pushing the pace harder than last week because I was feeling the 300 m sprints more by the time I finished them. Next week will be a bit of a change of pace at the dome since I will be doing a 3 km test instead of the usual intervals.

How did your week go?