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Saturday Stories

It is time for the weekly edition of Saturday Stories once again. Here is the list of some of my favourite blog posts and stories from the week. As always, if you came across something this week you feel is worthy of mention please feel free to post a comment below.

Do you wonder what the ideal weight for your height is? Here is some helpful information. 

Here is some helpful information about heel striking. 

I saw this earlier this week and thought it was good for a laugh. This is not the right way to watch a marathon. 

Here is a good story about pace bunnies and what they bring to races.

This is certainly an interesting debate as I know some people do not drink at all while training for a race. Do you drink alcohol when you are training?

Here is a clip of Matt Long, author of The Long Run, on the Daily Show with Jon Stewart.

A 15 year old boy plans to run 100 miles in 30 hours. What do you think, is he too young to attempt this?