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Week 19 of Training for the Ottawa Marathon


This week marked the first week of my two week taper ahead of the Ottawa Marathon. Race day is now just over a week away, one week from this Sunday to be exact.

For now I have had more off days this week than days where I have gone for a run. I would prefer to be running more often but I also know that this period will be important in terms of allowing my legs to recover from this training cycle and be ready for race day.

Tuesday morning I got in a quick tempo run that involved 6 x (2 minutes at 4:45/km followed by 2 minutes at 3:45/km). Once again this was a workout that did not look like much on paper given that I was only running for 24 minutes. However, pushing the pace under 4:00/km for 2 minutes 4 times made it a tougher workout than it sounded.

Last night I went for my last hill workout of this training cycle. Like the previous 2 weeks I was once again scheduled to do short hill sprints. Last night’s workout involved 5 x (100 m uphill at 90% followed by an easy 100 m downhill).

I’ll end week 19 with an easy 15 km run tomorrow. Next week will be an even lighter week in terms of mileage and intensity. The more important issue next week will be my diet and making sure I take in enough carbs to give me the fuel needed to run my goal pace.

How was your week?

Week 18 of Training for the Ottawa Marathon

20140502-210717.jpgThis week is my last big week of training before the Ottawa Marathon which is just over two weeks away now.  After two runs this weekend I will start tapering for race day.

The week got started with a tempo run on Tuesday. The scheduled workout this week was the same as last week, 4 x (5 minutes @ 5:00/km followed by 5 minutes @ 4:00/km). As with last week it does not look like a tough workout on paper but I was feeling it by the time I got to the fourth set so it was not an easy workout.

Yes day was once again time for short hill sprints…

I used the hill above for my sprints yesterday. It is not the biggest hill but enough of an incline to make me work harder for the 100 m sprints and when you add in jumping squats after each set it was not an easy workout. My quads are feeling it today.

As mentioned, I have two runs left to do this weekend. Tomorrow will be 8 km with 6 km of that coming at race pace. Finally, Sunday will see me get in my last long run ahead of race day with an easy 32 km effort.

How did your week go?

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Week 17 of Training for the Ottawa Marathon


As mentioned last night, this week was a return to full training after a recovery last week. After that recovery week I was looking forward to getting back to a full week of training.

After an easy run Monday my week really got going with a tempo run Tuesday night. The tempo workout this week involved 5 minutes at an easy pace followed by 5 minutes at 4:00/km. I repeated this pattern 4 times. It sounds like a relatively easy workout but by the fourth set I was feeling it as I pushed the pace in the second half.

My second intense workout of the week involved a new workout, short hill sprints. Last night’s workout was 8 x (100 m hill @ 100% followed by an easy 100m). In order to fit it in on my way home from work yesterday I did an easy warm up on my way to a hill, did my sprints then continued on my way home. Overall it turned into an 11 km run.

After a rest day today I will finish off the week with two runs this weekend. First off will be an 8 km race pace effort following a 10 minute warm up tomorrow. Sunday I will fit in the first of my last two long runs with an easy 28 km. I am hoping the weather will be decent for that one so I can take my youngest in the Chariot.

So far it has been a productive week. I am starting to get excited about race day now that it is only just over 3 weeks away. I am looking forward to putting my training to the test. That said, I have some big training miles to go before then.

How did your week go?