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Hill Repeats Tonight

As mentioned last night hill repeats were on my schedule for tonight. I completed seven hill repeats, at marathon pace,  on my way home from work tonight.

I find hill repeats are one of those workouts that are sometimes tough to get excited about but they are a necessary part of marathon training. I am sure I will see the benefits of my hill training on race day.

I completed six of the on the Heron Bridge, pictured below. The bridge used to be part of the Ottawa Marathon course until the recently announced changes to this year’s course. It was the biggest hill along the old marathon course although the fact that it sat close to the 32 km mark made it feel even tougher.

After completing six hill repeats I continued to head toward home and ended up doing my final repeat on a hill closer to home.

In the end I completed a total of 12.2 km in 1:01.