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Nutrition for Runners: Broccoli & Cashew Cheese-Quinoa Burritos

Tonight’s recipe comes from a vegan cookbook we bought recently, Oh She Glows. this protein packed meal was a big hit in our house. You can find the recipe on p. 159 of the book.

When I think of vegan meals for some reason I expect them to be more complicated to make. This was certainly not the case for this meal. The longest part was waiting the 15 minutes for the quinoa to cook.


I would say the best part of this recipe is that it makes a lot. If you make this recipe you will have plenty for dinner as well as lunch the following day.

We like corn tortillas when having tacos and burritos at home so that is what we used for our burritos this time. You could also make them using gluten free tortillas or large lettuce leaves.