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Canceling My Application For the New York Marathon Lottery

If you follow me on Twitter or Facebook you may have caught that I submitted a lottery application for this year’s New York Marathon. Along with the Boston Marathon it is one of the big marathons I would like to run at some point.

Last year I applied for the lottery for the first time. I applied again this year to keep my eligibility for an automatic entry active.  If you are not familiar with the registration process for the New York Marathon, entering the lottery is one of the remaining options if you are not quick enough to run the qualifying time for your age category.

Up until this year if you were unsuccessful in three consecutive lottery attempts you gained an automatic entry the fourth year. As of this year this guaranteed entry option will no longer be an option.

Since I applied for the lottery last year I was still eligible for a guaranteed spot by 2014 if I applied for the lottery again this year. Last weekend I put my name in the lottery to maintain the possibility of a guaranteed entry by 2014.

However, after more I have come to the conclusion that it is a risk not worth taking. Unfortunately even my number was drawn I would not be able to go and with the entry fee for international runners now sitting at $347 it is too expensive a gamble to take.

I still would like to run New York at some point but I guess if I do end up doing it in the future I’ll have to take my chance on the lottery and hope my name is picked the year I do want to go or I’ll have to opt for one of those pricey guaranteed travel packages.

For this year I’ll have to get my name removed from the lottery and if I do run a second marathon I’ll have to find another option.

Is the cost of race fees ever a deterrent for you? Do you still plan to run the New York Marathon despite this year’s price increase?