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Review of GU Sports Drinks and Gels

You may recall that for Valentine’s Day I won a package of GU products in a contest hosted on the #runchat blog. Since I have gone through most of my stash I thought I would take the time to post a review.

Prior to winning these products I had not tried many of the GU products. The contest allowed me to test a few different products as I train for the Ottawa Marathon. I made good use of the Roctane drinks during my speed interval sessions at the track and am still making use of the gels on my long runs.

What’s my verdict? I like that the Roctane drinks are not overpowering.While they don’t taste like water they are also not overly sweet and syrupy tasting when you run in warmer weather. In terms of the gels, I like that most of the flavours did not taste metallic or acidic like other varieties of gels I have tried.

Of course with such a variety of flavours there are bound to be favourites. My personal favourites were the Lemon Lime Roctane drink and the Cherry-Lime gels. If I buy more GU products these are the flavours I will be looking for.

I also tried the GU Chomps. It’s not a knock but I am not really a big fan of the gummy energy products. I am not sure if it is me but I don’t running and having them stick to my teeth.

Do you regularly use GU products?

Valentine’s Day Prize

A couple weeks ago I ended up winning the #runchat Valentine’s Day top 10 contest. The prize included some GU products along with a Road ID gift card.

My prize pack came in the mail yesterday and I must say I was quite impressed with the amount of samples I received. Overall I ended up with 18 GU gels, 5 packs of GU Roctane energy drink, 4 packs of GU chomps, one pack of GU Brew recovery drink and one container of GU Brew electrolyte tablets.

With this stash I won’t have to buy any drink mixes or gels for a bit. I also have not tried most of these products before so I am excited to give them a try and may even post a review or two on here later on.

The RoadID gift card was a nice addition as well. I made quick work of that last night.