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Tonight’s Run Home


Mild temperatures, wet snow and freezing have made for messy conditions this week. The streets and sidewalks are icy and wet. The above picture shows what the walk in front of house looked like when I got home this evening.

In terms of running, the biggest challenge in this weather is footwear. With big puddles everywhere a regular pair of running shoes would be soaked shortly after starting a run. Fortunately, I have a better option this year. I mentioned before that I bought a pair of New Balance 1110 trail running shoes in September a trip for work involved touring wetlands. These shoes have a Gore-Tex lining in them that helped keep my feet dry in these conditions.

While the weather has not been ideal this week it is one of the main reasons I bought these shoes . I am certainly putting them to good use this week. Despite the wet conditions tonight my feet were dry when I got home.