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Beer Mile

Tonight I ran a beer mile for the second time. For those of you not familiar with the idea of a beer mile it involves running four laps of a 400m track and consuming a beer before each lap with a penalty lap added if you get sick. You can view the full rules here

Last year I ran the mile in 14:03. Once again this year we chose the same track as our venue…

This year the beer of choice was Rickard’s Red after Coors Light was not a popular choice last week…

I managed to improve on my time this year with a 13:19 finish. I am not sure what I did differently this year but whatever it was it seemed to work. It is certainly not a great time compared to times others have accomplished but I am not sure what I could have done to improve my time more than I did. 

This was the scene after we all finished the mile (I should point out that all cans were picked up after I took this picture and no waste as left on the track).


If you follow me on Twitter or Instagram you may have noticed that since the end of November I have been participating in the #RunChatHunt scavenger hunt.

It was the third or fourth time that I participated in the scavenger hunt. I find searching for items to be a great way to plan my routes and add some fun to my runs.

This time around the hunt involved a search for the following 12 items…

My search was mostly successful. I managed to find 8 of the 12 items on the list. The items I did not find were a Salvation Army Bell Ringer, Leftover Halloween decorations, Runner in holiday gear and start/finish line of a race.

Here are my photos that I submitted for the hunt:

A selfie with a snowman…

Another picture for #runchathunt a selfie with a snowman #runchat @therunchat

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Another picture for #runchathunt snowflakes. This was my first run in the snow this winter @therunchat #running

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A view from a trail…

For #runchathunt a view from a trail, the Rideau River Trail #running @therunchat

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A bridge…

Another shot for #runchathunt a bridge, the Pretoria Bridge across the Rideau Canal @therunchat #running

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Something that best represents my city…

For #runchathunt something that best represents my city, the Parliament of Canada #running @therunchat

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A school zone sign…

Another shot for #runchathunt this afternoon. A school zone sign #running @therunchat

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A high school track…

For #runchathunt a shot of a high school track @therunchat #running

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A holiday inflatable…

Finally got my first shot for #runchathunt a holiday inflatable @therunchat

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