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Week 6 of Training for the Scotiabank Ottawa Marathon

My goal for week 6 was primarily to increase my mileage. Coming off a recovery week I wanted to hit at least 70 km for the week before I start aiming for 80-90 km weeks for a while. I managed that with a total of 75 km done.

Overall I went for 6 runs in week 6, including a tempo run, 800’s at the track and my first 32 km (20 mile) run of this training cycle. It was a productive week and I was pleased with my progress over the previous week.

My interval session on Thursday was an opportunity to break in a new pair of shoes which is always fun. This is my third pair of Fresh Foam Zantes and they are still my favourite shoe to run in. I broke them in with a workout consisting of a 1 mile warm up followed by 5 x 800m.

I ended the week on a positive note as well with my first 32 km run of this training cycle. It was my first run over 30 km since the Philadelphia Marathon back in November. Despite the fact that it was cool when I started it turned out to be a great morning for a long run.

32 km done this morning #run613 #runottawa #marathontraining #instarunners #seenonmyrun #ottawa

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As mentioned at the start of this post my focus now will be to continue milage to my training as I look to get back up 80-90 km/week. With my long runs now in the 26-32 km range for the next little while that should not be too difficult.

If the weather forecast for week 7 is any indication spring could be on the way here soon. That will make it easier to get in consistent workouts outside although it will mean running in wet and sloppy conditions as the snow melts.

2015 in Review


With one day left in 2015 I decided to take a look back at my year. It was a productive year for me, producing some results I am very pleased with.  You can read longer recaps of al of my races on here so I will try and keep the summaries short.

Before I get in to my review here is a quick summary of my 2015 in numbers:

  • Mileage: 3454 km (2146 miles)
  • Busiest Week: 118 km (73 miles)
  • Busiest Month: October – 424 km (263 miles)
  • Number of pairs of shoes used: 6 (of these 2 pairs were New Balance Fresh Foam Zante which is my current favourite shoe)
  • Number of races: 8 (2 marathons, 1 trail 30 km, 2 half marathons and 3 10 km)

My goal for the year, once again, was to run a Boston qualifying time. Once again I took two shots at it. Once here in Ottawa in the spring and once in the fall in Philadelphia.

My lead up to the Ottawa Marathon followed a similar pattern to previous years where I ran a couple of 10 km races and a half marathon in the months leading up to the marathon.

Coming off a two month layoff to end 2014 due to a ruptured appendix I was not sure what to expect with my training for the Ottawa Marathon. I surprised myself in April by shaving 1.5 minutes off my pb in the half-marathon with a 1:26 finish. The result gave me a needed boost a few weeks before my first marathon of the year.

2015-04-12 | 2015 Run for ReachGoing into the Ottawa Marathon in May I once again needed a sub 3:10 finish to meet the standard for the 2016 Boston Marathon. Unfortunately I ran out of gas in the later stages of the marathon and fell just short of that target.

However, it was still a solid result and my friend Greg did manage to get one of my favourite running pictures of me reaching the finish line with my family cheering in the background…

11334120_10155621672245311_4632173115371333696_oWith the Ottawa Marathon out of the way my focus turned to Philadelphia Marathon in the fall. Highlights during the lead up to Philadelphia were my busiest month and week in terms of mileage ever and of course my annual gig as a pace bunny during the Army Run half-marathon. This year I was a 1:35 pacer…


With that our of the way I was ready to tackle the Philadelphia Marathon in November. Since my time would count toward the 2017 Boston Marathon it meant that I now needed a sub 3:15 in order to qualify.

My plan was to aim for 3:10 again in order to give myself enough of a buffer to ensure I would be accepted. In the end a stop just before the half cost me valuable time but another 3:12 finish was good enough to meet the Boston standard with a buffer of 2:31.

imageOverall I’m pleased with my 2015. Time will tell if my marathon time will be good enough to be accepted for entry into Boston but I do have a shot at improving my time here in the spring and regardless of what happens I will be applying for entry into Boston for the first time when registration opens in September.

Breaking in my New Pair of Shoes


Last week I week I wrote a post about it being time to retire a pair of shoes. Tonight’s post is about the replacement. I decided to go with something similar to my previous pair of shoes which was a pair of New Balance 890 v4.

The New Balance 890 had been my go to everyday shoe since I tried the first version of it back in 2011. I owned several pair of them and ran a few marathons in them. The other pair of shoes currently in my rotation is the 890 v5.

This time I decided to try something new because of the positive reviews I read about the Fresh Foam Zante. I wasn’t too concerned about making the change because I still have my other pair of 890’s if I end up preferring them for my longer/ slower runs for whatever reason.

Tonight I had my first run in my new shoes with an easy 9 km run and my first impression is a positive one. I will probably have more to say later on but my first impression is that they felt lighter than my 890’s and have more spring in the toe. There also still seems to be enough cushioning for a soft ride.

Time will tell if I decide to stick with them as my shoes on race day when I run the Philadelphia Marathon but I think I am going to enjoy running in my new shoes.