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Winter Running


Winter is not even one month old and we have already had an eventful one here. From large snowfalls, frigid temperatures to freezing rain running conditions here over the past few weeks have not always been easy. Fortunately I have been able to keep up with my regular runs. I have had to take advantage of indoor running at the dome for my Thursday intervals and a recent long run.

The only thing that stopped me from running so far this winter was the recent freezing rain we received. When we get a recent amount it can make for pretty dangerous conditions. This past Saturday I attempted to go out for my scheduled run but did not make it to the end of the street because of this…


The snow and the cold does not bother me so much. As long as the sidewalks have been ploughed relatively the snow does not really impact my runs. As for the cold, except for the few extremely cold days I still prefer to run outside when I can. Here is me on December 17, technically not winter but it started early here this year. This was taken when I got home from running home from work when it was -19 C, -28 with windchill (-1 F, -19 with windchill)…


Winter is just getting started so I will have a few more months of this weather to run in.

How does winter weather impact your running?

Freezing Rain

There are few weather conditions that stop me from getting in a planned run but one of those is freezing rain.

I can run in the cold and rain but freezing rain like we had today just makes it too dangerous to go for a run with the sidewalks and roads resembling skating rinks. As a result, my planned 8-10 km run for tonight had to be put on hold.

Fortunately for me I have the day off work tomorrow. If the conditions are better I plan on going for a longer run in the morning with my daughter in her Chariot.

In case you are wondering how bad the conditions here are, here is what the walk in front of our house looks like tonight…