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Friday Running Thoughts

It is amazing how quickly the weather can change. Last weekend I spent Saturday skiing at Mont Tremblant. It certainly was not cold at the time but still cool enough to enjoy a final day of skiing. Fast forward a week and we are just about in shorts weather for running here. We are starting to get daytime temperatures in the double digits. As a result, the past two days I found myself over dressed for the conditions as I ran home from work.

Tonight I had another easy run on the schedule. Since I am racing a half-marathon Sunday I decided to run an easy run tonight instead of the marathon pace workout I originally had on the schedule which I will make up for on Sunday.

As mentioned, I am registered for a half-marathon Sunday. I will be running the Minto Run for Reach. The course is an out and back course along the Rideau Canal. For the half-marathon we will have to complete the course twice since it is a 10 km course.

Conveniently enough for me the location for race kit pick-up was on my way home so I could stop there and continue my run home after picking up my kit. I am all set for race day now!

I am not really sure what to expect in terms of a result Sunday. I completed the first half of the Prince Edward County Marathon October in 1:37 and felt pretty strong at the time. I was able to have a conversation with three runners as I crossed the halfway point so I would like to think I can beat that time. Sunday’s course is also a flat course which should be conducive to a fast time.

Since I am scheduled to run 32 km Sunday, my first 20 mile run of this training cycle, I will have to get out a run a few kilometers before the race. The start line is about 2 km from my house so I am planning to head out a little early and get in a bit of easy mileage in my neighbourhood before I head to the start line.

What are your running plans for the weekend, any races on the schedule?