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Week 15 of Training for the Ottawa Marathon


Week 15 is shaping up to be my biggest week in terms of mileage in this training cycle. It started with a half-marathon Sunday and will end with a 34 km run tomorrow.

The week got off to a great start with a new half-marathon pb set on Sunday. That run set the tone for the rest of the week as I felt my other runs this week were also quality runs.

Following my half-marathon I had four 12 km runs scheduled, two of those at marathon pace and two of those at a very easy pace. I felt that my marathon pace efforts were really strong this week. On both occasions I had to remind myself to keep the pace at marathon pace.

So far my mileage for the week sits at just under 72 km. With 34 km planned for tomorrow I will have my first 100 km week of the training cycle.

How did your week go?

Week 14 of Training for the Ottawa Marathon

20140321-205754.jpgAnother week of training is nearly complete. This week was the second week out of the current four week block I am working on. It is going to end up being one of my biggest weeks of training in terms of mileage so far this week.

Following a 31.5 km run last Sunday I took a needed day of rest on Monday. Following that the two key workouts of the week were marathon pace runs on Tuesday and Thursday. This week I added 2 km to each of those runs to bring them up to 10 km.

These race pace runs are key because the goal is to get me running at my goal marathon pace. The one thing I had to keep reminding myself during these runs was that the goal was just to run at marathon pace. I occasionally found myself going faster than I wanted and pushing closer to my 10 km pace.

Other than that my other two workouts this week were easy pace 12 km runs. Once again 2 km was added to these runs to increase my overall mileage. Given the fact that I ran 31.5 km last Sunday and that my marathon pace efforts were longer this week I paid closer attention to my easy runs and tried to keep them at an even slow and easy pace.

I know have two runs left to go this weekend. First a very easy 8 km planned for tomorrow. Sunday will bring another challenge with me racing a half-marathon.

How was your week?

Saturday Stories

It is time once again for another edition of Saturday Stories, a collection of some of my favourite stories and blog posts from the past week. As always, if you came across anything you feel is worthy of mention here feel free to post a link below.

Here are this week’s stories…

Sam Adams toasts the Boston Marathon.

Here is another story about beer and marathons.

Here is a good perspective on the importance of easy runs.

Finally, the next #runchat will take place on Twitter tomorrow night.

Two Run Day

I managed to get in two runs today. Both runs allowed me to take advantage of great weather and to get in extra mileage today. Following yesterday’s tempo run both of today’s runs were relaxed efforts.

The first run came over the lunch hour. I decided to head out with some work colleagues and since we work close to the Central Experimental Farm we headed that way for the run. The is the first time I have done this but I found the lunchtime run to be a great way to break up the day. The rest of the afternoon seemed to go by quicker than it usually does following the run. I could see this option becoming a regular addition to my training.

Here are the details on run #1

Run # 2 was my usual thursday night group run. Again tonight’s effort was a relaxed pace. Sticking to the Rideau Canal we managed to get in just over 10 km in less than an hour.

Here are the details on run #2

Overall I managed to get in 16.6 km today which will make it possible for me to get up to 80 km for the week. Since today’s efforts were pretty relaxed I think I will aim for another tempo run tomorrow.

Thankful for a Perfect Day!

Since it was Thanksgiving here today I had the day off work. Instead of a run I ended up going for a family bike ride with my wife and daughter in order to take advantage of the almost summer-like weather we received this weekend.

While my schedule called for an easy 6 mile run after yesterday’s 20 mile run this was a much more enjoyable way to spend the day off work.

We set out with no plan in mind other than to stop somewhere along the way to have a picnic. After stopping to see friends playing their annual Thanksgiving football game we headed for a picnic spot followed by a stop downtown for ice cream before we headed home.

In the end we ended up with a 14.5 km ride. I am not sure yet if I should count this as cross training or use it to replace one of my easy runs this week, I am looking for opinions on Twitter right now.

Regardless of how I fit this into this week’s training schedule I could not have picked a better way to spend the day.

Running Without my Garmin

Tonight I had an easy 8 km, 5 mile, run scheduled. Turns out that I realized as I was on my way to work that I had forgotten my Garmin at home.

I know some people like to regularly run without a Garmin or a watch, referred to running naked by some, but I have yet to make this a regular habit. I do understand the appeal of this approach as I do find myself paying too much attention to my Garmin at times.

As mentioned, tonight’s plan was for an easy 8 km, or 5 miles. I measured my distance when I got home using map my run and ended up with a total of 9.8 km.

In total it took me 51 minutes to get home and with the time I spent waiting for lights to change I figure the actual run took me 46-47 minutes. Maybe a touch faster than I needed to be but still an easy effort after yesterday’s unexpected speed intervals.

I would say that I did not end up missing the Garmin at all for this run.

Do you ever find yourself leaving your Garmin or watch at home on purpose?

Week 3 of Training for the Philadelphia Marathon

My third week of training for the Philadelphia Marathon has nearly come to an end. This week’s plan called for 61 km, 38 miles. With one run remaining my mileage for the week sits at 53 km and I am guaranteed to hit my intended weekly total as I have a 12 km trail race on the schedule tomorrow.

This week turned out to be the first week where I managed to accomplish something I had been planning to do from the start. That is get in an early morning run Monday morning since I am still playing soccer on Monday nights, for a few more weeks at least. This allowed me to get in all my runs, play soccer and have the full day of rest on Friday that my training plan calls for. It worked out well this week and my legs felt stronger as I was missing that day of rest during my first two weeks of training.

Overall my runs this week were goood. I managed to complete my intended distances and managed to stick to my intended paces for those runs. The week started off with a long run of 19 km Sunday morning and for my other four runs I averaged 8 km.

With the exception of Tuesday when I set out on a bit of a hillier route in order to give my legs a tougher workout my runs have so far just been run at an easy recovery pace. I was scheduled to run a tempo run yesterday but since I am running a trail race tomorrow I decided just to do a short easy run yesterday.

As for the trail race tomorrow, it is a 12 km race at one of the local ski hills. The first half of the course it slower since it involves a lot of uphill running on narrow switchback trails where the second half of the course involves a lot of downhill running. The course is a 6 km loop and since I am in the 12 km race I will have to do two laps. You will be able to read a fulll report of my adventures here on Sunday.

When I start week four of my training Sunday I will have 1016 km, or 631 miles, of training left over the 13 weeks that reamain before the Philadelphia Marathon on November 20th.

What race are you training for right now? How is your training going?



First Week of Training For the Philadelphia Marathon

This week was my my first week of training for the Philadelphia Marathon. With a final run to go tomorrow my first week has gone as planned.

So far I have completed 45 km. Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and today involved runs at an easy pace while last night’s run involved some mileage at my intended marathon pace.

This week’s runs have all felt good so far and I have managed to stick to my intended pace for both the easier runs and for my tempo run. To mix things up I also found hillier routes for a couple of my easy runs.

So now with 45 km of my training complete I now only have 1134 km, or 705 miles, to go over the next 15 weeks!

Are you training for a fall marathon? How is your training going?





Running After a Day of Rest

After a rest day yesterday I had an easy run on the schedule for tonight. I am not sure what it is but I find it generally takes me me a few minutes to get into a run following a day off. Either I start too quickly or I start too slowly.

Take tonight’s run. I was planning an easy run of about 10 km. I felt like I started off too quickly, although I find that is especially easy to do when the sun is shining and there isn’t a cloud in the sky as was the case tonight. It took me the first 1.5-2 km to really feel comfortable running steadily at my intended easy pace.

In the end I managed to slow things down and finished with 9km in 45 minutes or 5:00/km which is about where I want be for my slow runs.

How do you find your first runs after a rest day? Do you have difficulty getting back into your rhythm?

Next up for me tomorrow is my first set of hill repeats. and a total distance of 14 km. I have been trying to run a hillier course at least once a week since I started my training for the Ottawa Marathon but this will be my first set of hill repeats – this is where you find a decent sized hill and run up it at or near race pace then jog back down the hill before starting your next repeat. I will be doing 7 repeats tomorrow.

Pacing Your Runs

Ever wonder what pace you should be running your easy runs at compared to your more intense runs like tempo runs and speedwork? In order to get the most out of your training it is important to be training at the right pace.

According to the current issue of Runners World, your easy and long runs should be run at 90-150 seconds slower than your 5 km pace. This means that you should be able to speak in complete sentences while completing your long or easy runs. Remember that the key to your legs to recover from more intense workouts while the key to long runs is training yourself to be on your feet for longer periods of time.

As for your quicker runs, marathon pace run should be run 45-100 seconds per mile slower than your 5 km pace, tempo runs should be run 20-40 seconds slower than your 5 km pace and speedwork should be run 5-40 seconds faster per mile than your 5 km pace.

So far this year, my 5 km pace is approximately 6:52 per mile. My long run pace has generally hovered around 8.20 per mile. The pace of my easy runs has usually been around 7:50 per mile. Finally, my marathon pace workouts have been run at approximately 7:20-7:30 per mile.

What this tells me is that I can make more of an effort to slow down my easy runs while I appear to be running my other workouts at an appropriate pace. I have not yet done any speedwork in this training cycle but when I do I will be aiming to keep my pace around 6:12-6:47 per mile.

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