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Week 15 of Training for the Scotiabank Ottawa Marathon

With race day now 3 weeks from today it is really starting to set in that I am about to run another marathon. Overall it will be my 14th marathon but the feeling when I finally get this close to race day is the same. When you register for a marathon and even when you officially start training for one race day seems so far away. For me when I get down to the last 3 weeks and the taper period is when it really starts to sink in.

Following 3 busy weeks of just over 100 km this week was a bit of a recovery week for me, partly because I was scheduled to run a 10 km race this morning. This week’s total was 62 km. Even though I wasn’t going for a pb this morning the recovery week was probably well timed.

Other than this morning’s race all my runs this week were done at an easy pace. In terms of highlights my oldest daughter sent me to work with a beanie boo on Wednesday because she wanted to take it to the bus stop but could not take it to school, leaving me with a running partner…



Thursday was perfect for running and I fit in 2 runs…




As for this morning’s race, being 3 weeks away from race day my plan was to use it as an excuse to run a tempo run. Despite  a cool and windy morning, 3C (37F) at the start, I did just that. I managed to finish the race in 41:09, my second fastest 10 km of the year. It felt good to push the race after a relatively easy week of training…

Next up are the last 3 weeks of training. That will likely consist of one more heavy week and 2 lower mileage weeks.

How was your week?

Week 12 of Training for the Philadelphia Marathon

This week ended up being the big week of training I was looking for. After my long run this morning I ended up with 118 km for the week. I’ve made it over 100 km in a week on several occasions in the past but I think this is the most mileage that I’ve fit into a week of training. 

Hitting this total for mileage meant added mileage to each of my runs. For my easy runs that was not too difficult since I was just adding 1-2 km to each. It was my tempo run on Tuesday and my speed work on Thursday where I had to add the most mileage. 

My schedule for Tuesday called for a tempo run consisting of a 3.2 km warm up, followed by 3 x 3.2 km @ tempo pace and an easy 2:00. I ended the run with a 3 km cool down for a total of just over 17 km done. In order to fit in the run I was up early and out the door at 5:00.

Thursday called for even mileage with 22-23 km on the schedule. Fortunately I as able to fit this one in after work instead of getting up at the crack of dawn. My workout consisted of a 3.2 km warm up followed by 3 x 1200m @ 4:13/km and 1:30 easy. 40:00 @ 5:00/km, 3 x 1200m @ 4:13/km and 1:30 easy. I ended the workout with a 3 km cool down to give me a 22 km run.

I ended the week with a 32 km run. While my oldest was at swimming lessons with her mother I took my 2 year old in the Chariot…

With 6 more weeks to go until race day it means I still have 3 big weeks of mileage coming up. My schedule has me doing 2 more 30 km runs and I will be aiming for two more 100 km weeks before I start my taper.

How was your week?

Week 15 of Training for the Scotiabank Ottawa Marathon

IMG_0989.JPGRace day is now three weeks away. That means today was the last of my really long runs. I did five runs of 30 km or more during this training cycle. For me completing the last one is always a positive milestone to reach, mainly because it means that race day is quickly approaching.

Overall this week was a solid week of training. I hit another training milestone this week with just over 100 km in mileage. I find this to be another positive milestone in training, one that I can look back on when reviewing things that went well during the training cycle.

As per my usual routine all of my runs this week were at an easy pace with the exception of my Tuesday and Thursday runs which were run at a more intense pace.

Tuesday’s effort involved doing 2 x 3.2 @ 4:02/km with a 2:00 jog between sets after a 3.2 km warm up. That workout pushed me but I did not find it nearly as difficult as Thursday’s workout.

I mentioned before in a previous post that the current training plan I am following has me doing longer speed workouts than I have done in the past. Thursday’s effort came in at 20 km, my longest for a speed workout. The workout involved a 3.2 km warm up, 7 strides, 2 x (1600 m @ 3:51/km, 1:30 jog), 30:00 @ 4:46/km, 2 x (1600 m @ 3:51/km, 1:30 jog) and a 2.4 km cool down.

Following an appreciated day of rest Friday I finished up the week with an easy 10 km yesterday and a 33 km long run this morning. The long run included the first 6 km on my own followed by 18 km with my 2 year old in the Chariot and the remaining 8.5 km on my own.

My plan now calls for one more big week consisting of similar workouts to what I did this week, before I dial back the mileage and get my legs ready for race day.

How did your week go?


Week 12 of Training for the Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront Marathon

IMG_0804.PNGAnother week of training is nearly complete. So far this week is turning out to be my heaviest week in terms of mileage in this training cycle. With two runs left to go this weekend I am on pace for my first 100 km week in a while.

The week started off good with my scheduled intervals on Tuesday. This week my scheduled workout was a 10 minute warm up followed by 3 x ( 400m, 800m, 1200 m @ 100%).

I did my intervals in a bit of an odd way this time but it worked out in the end. I had planned to run home from work so I started my run from the office and got in the majority of my intervals on the way home. By the time I hit 8 km I ended up at the high school track close to my house so I could finish my last two intervals where I would normally go for intervals..

The other story of the week has been injury prevention. Late last week I started to feel some pain on the inside of my left leg above the ankle. Initially I thought it was just the usual aches that can follow heavy mileage and intense runs but by Wednesday it was becoming more noticeable with every step when I ran.

As a result, yesterday and today’s runs were very easy efforts. I also taped my leg with some Rocktape and took some Advil. That seems to have helped as it was less noticeable during today’s run.

I still have not done my scheduled hill workout this week because of this pain. My plan is to see how I feel tomorrow. If I feel better I will do my hills tomorrow but if the pain is still noticeable then I will just drop hills for this week.

I am hoping that the issue is going away now and that I will be able to at least get in my scheduled 23 km run Sunday. Once again for that one I am planning to start and finish at my goal marathon pace. I will have to reconsider that plan as well if I am still experiencing pain in my leg when I get up Sunday morning.

How did your week go?


A Long Run Divided Into 3 Runs

Sunday my schedule called for 27 km with the final 8 km coming at my goal marathon pace. My plan was to get started early with my youngest daughter in the Chariot for the first 19 km at an easy pace. Following that i planned to drop her off at home and do the remaining 8 km on my own.

As many of you know already, runs do not always go exactly as planned. Instead of going the way I planned my 27 km run ended up being divided into 3 runs of nearly identical distances.

The first part of my run went partly as planned. I started out with my youngest daughter as planned. However since her sister was awake when I left the house meaning I would have to find a way to include her. The first part of my run ended up being a quiet 9.5 km at an easy pace.

The second part of my run began when I returned home to switch kids with my wife. I headed back out with my other daughter to get in the remaining 9.5 km at an easy pace.

After dropping my oldest daughter at home I headed back out for what was supposed to be a quick 8 km on my own. Taking advantage of a main street closed to traffic on Sunday mornings I decided on an out and back route. The first half of this portion of my run went as planned. However, as I hit the turnaround point I ran into my parent in-law riding their bikes back toward our neighbourhood so for the second half I had pacers beside me on bikes.

To top it all off I also drained the batteries on 2 Garmins yesterday and had to finish my run without a watch. My current Garmin died as I dropped off my second daughter. I grabbed my old Garmin which was still in a drawer when I headed out for the marathon pace portion of my run. Unfortunatley it died before I finished that portion of my run.

Thanks to mapping websites I know I completed the 27 km I intended to but since my old Garmin died before I finished my run I am not sure exactly how long it took me to complete.

In the end my run did not go as I had planned but this run probably turned out better than planned.

Week 7 of Training for the Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront Marathon

Another week of training for STWM is nearly complete. Once again this week was another full week of training, the second of the current four week block of training I am working on.

So far this week I’ve done something I do not generally do. I used the same route for my three runs so far this week and have identical mileage for them, 8.9 km. Normally I prefer to change my routes even slightly for a change.

That will change this weekend when I have to add more mileage to my runs, 10 km tomorrow and 27 km Sunday. Since I will be leaving from home instead of my office for those runs it will be easier to switch up my routes.

So far my week can be summed up by the two tempo paced runs I did this week…


and Thursday

Since I took a rest day Monday following my long run Sunday evening Wednesday’s run was the only run at an easy pace so far. That will also change this weekend because tomorrow’s run will be at an easy pace and most of Sunday’s run will be at an easy pace.

It felt good to push the pace during my two tempo runs but my legs will surely benefit from a rest day today and an easy paced run tomorrow.

How did your week go?

Week 4 of Training for the Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront Marathon

Week four of training has been a bit of a mixed bag for me. I started off the week training as per usual including running a race, had to take a couple of days off due to dental work and now and back to regular training to end the week.

The week started off with a 20 km long run at an easy pace. As is often the case for weekend runs I took one of my daughters with me in the Chariot. This run was probably the first one this year where I can say I felt the heat. This run felt tougher than it otherwise would have been.

Tuesday morning I ran a 10 km race for Canada Day, chronicled in my last post. As mentioned in that post, I came just short of my goal of setting a new pb in the 10 km.

What I did not mention in the post, because I did not know at the time, is that I actually won the race. The reason I did not mention the win is because there was initially some confusion and someone else had been credited with the win. The result was changed today and I am quite pleased with that, mainly because I get a free pair of shoes for the win!

Wednesday and Thursday were off days for me because I had a wisdom tooth removed Wednesday morning. Although the procedure went well my dentist recommended not running for a couple days.

Fortunately for me I did not have a long layoff due to the extraction of my wisdom tooth. Today I was able to get back to training for STWM. It was a perfect evening to get back to running after a couple of days off…

Tomorrow I will end the week with a 15 km run at 4:20/km, just quicker than my goal marathon pace. Overall it has been another solid week of training.

How did your week go?

Week 16 of Training for the Ottawa Marathon


There is not much to be said about this week. As previously mentioned, last week was my biggest week of training so far in this training cycle. As a result, the focus this week was to recover from last week’s mileage.

This week has been a very quiet week. I only had three runs assigned and I have stuck with the plan.  I figure the recovery this week will be as important overall as the training last week so I was not tempted to try and fit in extra mileage this week.

So far I have only gone for two runs this week for a total of just under 18 km. Tomorrow I will fit in my last run of the week, an easy 10 km effort.  It is my lowest week in terms of mileage in a long while but again coming off last week I think it was well timed.

I will know what my plan is for next week once I receive it from my coach. With one month left before race day I am expecting there will be one more intense week of training left befoe the three week taper sets in. Included in that last big week of training will be my final 30 km training run of this cycle.

How did your week go?

Time for Recovery

Last week was my biggest week of training in terms of mileage so far in this training cycle. Starting with my last race, the Run for Reach half-marathon, on Sunday to my 34 km long run Saturday morning I managed to fit in just under 106 km.

Now this is not anything new for me, I have completed 100 km weeks in previous training cycles and I don’t think it was my biggest week ever. What makes this time different is that I am now scheduled for a recovery week this week.

In previous training cycles at this point in my training I would have pushed ahead for another big week right up until it was time to start my three week taper.

This time, as mentioned in previous posts, my coach has me working in four week blocks of training with three tough weeks followed by a week of recovery. It is an important aspect to training I may have been missing until I started working with my coach.

After not running yesterday and today I will get back at it tomorrow. Overall I only have three runs scheduled for this week, all of them at an easy pace. The goal for this week will simply be to allow my legs to recover from last week. Following that there will be time for another big week and a three week taper.