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Early Morning Running

For the past few years I have logged much of my mileage early in the morning before I head to work or on my way home from work. With work and family these times end up being the most convenient for me to fit in planned runs.

This weekend I started to get reacquainted with early morning runs, getting up at 5:00 for both of my planned runs yesterday’s run went as planned with an easy 10 on the schedule. This morning’s long run did not go quite as planned as I had to cut my planned 16 km run in half. It was colder than I expected this morning and I had to return home to warm- up. By the time I was ready to head back to finish my run my oldest daughter had woken up.

The reason for running at such an early hour this weekend was to see if I could get out for a run and get back home around the time my oldest daughter wakes up which would have me home in time to take care of her.

My plan for tomorrow is the same as it was today. I will get up early and aim to get in my 16 km run before work in order to get in a long run this week. Provided I get my lunch ready after I finish this and get to bed early I won’t have any difficulty fitting in the run.

While I won ‘t be doing all of my runs at such an early hour this routine will likely continue for most of my weekend runs, especially now that I am increasing my mileage. It is tough at times to be disciplined enough to get to bed early or to head out for a run when it is dark and cold out but on the positive side it allows me to get in my mileage without having too much of an impact on the weekend.

Do you like running early in the morning?