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As previously mentioned, I have been biking for over a week now in an effort to maintain my cardio while I am not able to run.  While it has helped me remain active and maintain my fitness it remains to be seen how this layoff from running will affect me once I get back to running.

I started out with short and easier effoweek on the bike last week and have progressively picked up the distance and pace. My last four workouts have all been at least 40 minutes in an effort to copy the length of my shortest runs. My longest. Effort was a one hour bike ride last night.

While I enjoy biking am grateful that I was able to start so soon after my injury I am anxious to get back to running in order to confirm whether I will be able to run the Toronto Waterfront Marathon and to get an idea of the pace I might be able to run if I am able to run the marathon.

Have you had to take up biking or another activity while an injury prevented you from running?