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Christmas Day Run

For the past couple of years I have started a new running related Christmas tradition involving heading out for a Christmas run later in the afternoon when things are starting to wind down and family members are looking to get some rest.

This tradition has given me a chance to test out new running gear I received for Christmas. I was able to do this once again today with a couple of items I received this morning.

First on the list was a new running jacket like the ones below although mine is black and red…

The second item was a new pair of gloves was a pair of Lululemon running gloves which as you can see from the picture are smart phone friendly meaning I don’t have to remove them to use my phone…

Now that is out of the way on to the details of my run. I headed out the door with the intention of running at least 12 km in order to surpass last year’s total mileage. Despite the snow that fell all day the conditions actually were not bad for a run and I had no difficulty maintaining my pace.

I’m pleased to say that my run ended up being just over 14 km and I managed to surpass last year’s total of 3,056 km, or 1,898 miles giving me a nice way to close out the year.

As for the new gear, let’s just say I am pleased with my new jacket and gloves and will get plenty of use out of them this winter.

Merry Christmas!