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Nutrition for Runners: Roasted Winter Vegetables with Cheesy Polenta

IMG_0401Tonight’s recipe is one we tried this past Sunday. It was a lazy day here and we had not made plans for dinner. Since we had a tube of polenta in the fridge and a couple of squash waiting to be used I came across this recipe after a quick google search.

I made the recipe using two different varieties of winter squash. However, you could pretty much added any veggies on hand. In addition, we did not have parmesan cheese to use so I grated piave cheese we had left and it worked just as well. I also improvised by adding kale to the polenta mix for additional health benefits.

Incidentally, I initially tried making the recipe with a tube of cooked polenta we had in the fridge thinking the heat would cook down and become creamy. I quickly realized that would not be the case and had scramble and make the creamy polenta from scratch with cornmeal and vegetable broth as per the recipe. It did not take long to do this and did not delay our meal so I would say this is not a difficult meal to make.

The only other thing you need to go with this meal is a bottle of Italian red wine and you are ready to go!