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Running with a Stroller


Roughly six years ago my wife and I purchased a Chariot stroller so I could run with our oldest daughter. I did not realize at the time how big a role the stroller would play in my running.

One of the things I regret is not keeping track of the mileage I have put on it since I started running with my kids. I’ve surprised myself by how far I’ve gone with it (30+ km runs) and how much my two girls have tolerated it.

It has been a great way to spend time with my two girls on the weekends and also a great way to share something I enjoy with them while seeing the sites around our city. I’ve shared many adventures with both of them.

It has also been a big reason why I have been able to continue to train for marathons with young kids at home. Anyone who has run a marathon before will agree that it is a big time commitment. If I did not have the option to take one of my kids out for a run with me I would have had to do more runs late at night or sacrifice more runs.

With my two girls now 6 and 3 I thought my time running with the stroller was coming to an end. My oldest is getting big to push around on my weekend runs and my youngest is not far behind. I thought this spring/summer would likely be the end of my running with the Chariot since my youngest will likely be too big to push around on long runs by the time next spring rolls around.

I’m happy to report that my adventures with the Chariot will continue for a while yet. My wife and I are expecting #3 this summer. I just hope the new arrival will enjoy joining me for tours of the city in the Chariot as much as her older sisters did.

Long Run Sunday with the Chariot

Last year when I started this blog I had a couple posts about running with my daughter in her Chariot. I was able to make good use of the stroller last year, especially while training for my fall marathon.

Today I did my second run of the year with daughter in her Chariot. On the schedule for today was a 25 km run (15.5 miles). This is just a bit shorter than the longest distance I completed with the Chariot last year and I figured it would not be a problem to complete my intended mileage today.

Last week when I ran with the Chariot the ducks along the riverbank close to our house seemed to catch my daughter’s attention. As a result, I made sure to bring along a few pieces of bread with us this morning so we could stop and feed the ducks. We made our detour to feed the ducks about 3 km into the run. The detour was well worth it and it was not too long before we were back on our way.

I think I mentioned last year that one of the things i liked about having the Chariot was that it allowed me to spend more time with my daughter. Now that she is a little older and more aware of what is going on I think it is going to be even more enjoyable this year. The sound of her barking when we pass dogs or mimicking the chirping of birds will certainly keep me entertained and the random cries of “Go Go Daddy” will definitely keep me motivated!

In addition to that, while running with the Chariot might not do anything for my cardio I figure it has to be helping my legs get stronger for the marathon especially as my daughter gets bigger.

In the end, due to time constraints, we ended up completing 21.4 km (13.3 miles) which I still think is pretty good considering I had a full day of skiing at Mont Tremblant yesterday.

How was your run today?