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Product Review: CEP Progressive Run Socks

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A few weeks ago I bought myself a pair of CEP Progressive Run Socks at the Ottawa Marathon expo. SinceI was pleased with the purchase and am a fan of the product I thought I would share a review here.

I did not go to the expo looking for a new pair of compression socks but I happened to buy a new singlet at a booth next to the one where the CEP socks were being sold.

The CEP socks just happened to come in colours that matched my new singlet. I wandered over to have a look at them and noticed they were made in Germany which those who know me will tell you is a big selling point given that I spent part of my childhood in Germany.

The first thing you will notice about the CEP socks is the sizing. Unlike other compression socks which go according to your foot size, the sizing of CEP socks is based on the sized of your calves.

When I tried them on they felt tighter around my calves than other compression socks and given the theory behind compression socks that seemed like a good thing to me. They felt good when I had them on and instantly became my favourite pair of compression socks.

Among the benefits listed on the website are more energy, stamina and performance, improved blood circulation, preventive function and muscle and joint stabilization.

Since they felt good I will admit that I did something I do not normally do, I wore them on race day before trying them out on one of my training runs. I would not necessarily recommend this approach but it worked for me as I did not run into any issues for the socks.

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If you read my race report from the Ottawa Marathon you’ll know that I ran into issues with calf cramps over the last 10 km.  I’ve mentioned already that I think this was the result of an electrolyte issue because it was a warm day or a change in my form in the later stages that put more stress on my calf muscles.

On a positive note I can say that until I had to slow down and stretch my calves I certainly felt stronger than I have before that far into a marathon.

The other benefit for me was recovery. I also wore the socks in the evening of race day as well as a couple times the day after the marathon. My calves were stiff the day after, certainly to be expected given the cramping I experienced. However, I was able to recover quickly. I was back to running later that week without any effects from the marathon.

I certainly plan on wearing these socks again when I run my next marathon.

Note: the opinions expressed here are mine. I was not paid to write this post.