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Running at the Experimental Farm


If you follow me on twitter or even read my blog regularly you will see me mention running at the Experimental Farm quite often. Most days I run through part of the farm.

For those of you not from Ottawa let me explain, Ottawa is the only capital city with a working farm in the heart of the city.

For me it is a convenient running route because I happen to work close to it . This gives me a great spot to run at lunch or to make my way home after work. It is also a great spot for families because it houses a museum that is popular with kids.


Two Run Day

I managed to get in two runs today. Both runs allowed me to take advantage of great weather and to get in extra mileage today. Following yesterday’s tempo run both of today’s runs were relaxed efforts.

The first run came over the lunch hour. I decided to head out with some work colleagues and since we work close to the Central Experimental Farm we headed that way for the run. The is the first time I have done this but I found the lunchtime run to be a great way to break up the day. The rest of the afternoon seemed to go by quicker than it usually does following the run. I could see this option becoming a regular addition to my training.

Here are the details on run #1

Run # 2 was my usual thursday night group run. Again tonight’s effort was a relaxed pace. Sticking to the Rideau Canal we managed to get in just over 10 km in less than an hour.

Here are the details on run #2

Overall I managed to get in 16.6 km today which will make it possible for me to get up to 80 km for the week. Since today’s efforts were pretty relaxed I think I will aim for another tempo run tomorrow.

Today’s Run in the Cold and Snow

The last two days I have written about running in icy conditions and how that can be treacherous. Today’s run provided a different set of conditions.

So far over the last couple of months we have been getting warmer than usual weather. As a result, I have not yet really had a run in winter conditions until today. With my office shutting down earlier than usual today I was able to get in a mid-afternoon run home from work.

As previously mentioned, it was my first run in winter conditions this winter. Overnight flurries left us with enough snow to cover the ground and it was cold, -9 C and -18 C with the windchill when I headed home.

Here is the scene as I ran through the Central Experimental Farm which is one of my most common routes…

 In terms of mileage, today’s 8.8 km run left me just over 11 km short of surpassing last year’s total. I think I will aim to surpass that total when I head out for a run tomorrow.

Wipe Out

As I have mentioned already, the whole point of this week is to stay loose and to rest my legs before the marathon on Sunday. Given that, tonight’s run was just supposed to be an easy 8 km run home from work.

I decided to head home using one of my more common routes – through the Central Experimental Farm, across the locks of the Rideau Canal and through the campus of Carleton University before heading home.

My run was going as planned, easy and effortless, and made even more pleasant by the fact that it was still warm enough to be wearing shorts which is quite rare for this time of year. However, about halfway as I was running through the university campus I fell as I was running along sidewalk I have followed countless times.

The area in question had been under construction over the summer but had been re-paved since my last run there a few days ago. Unbeknownst to me, a step was added to the sidewalk where new pavement was added. Since this step was not there before I was not expecting it at all and did not see it coming in the dark. I ran into it and fell to the ground. Fortunately for me the only damage done was a couple of minor scrapes.

Have you had any scares while tapering for a big race?