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No Run Tonight!

As per usual I planned to run home from work this evening but it turned out to be one of those days that despite the best of intentions I could not get in a run.

In reality it turned out to be one of those days where I should have scheduled my run for early this morning. Unfortunately that was not an option since I did not get to bed early enough to manage a 5:00 AM wake-up call this morning.

As it turns out, a late meeting at work and the fact that I had to go pick-up my car at the dealership because I had the snow tires installed, on the warmest December 15th on record here no less, prevented me from getting in my planned run.

There you have it. A minor setback in my quest to surpass my mileage from last year. As usual missing a planned run has left me feeling a little restless but in the grand scheme of things it’s not a big deal. I am still on track to surpass last year’s mileage and making sure I get in a run tomorrow will bring me a step closer to that goal.

How do you deal with having to skip a planned run?

No Run Tonight

Once again today I was planning to run home from work. The day started off much like yesterday with grey skies and rain.

Also much like yesterday there were reasons to be optimisitc about the weather later in the day and the sun started to come out around noon.

Unfortunately, unlike yesterday the optimism did not last long before the clouds came back. Eventually we were hit with a severe thunderstorm. The heavy rain that lasted for a few hours meant I would not get in my planned run tonight.

Tonight I will go through my stretching routine and I will probably a few extra km to my run in the morning.

How do you compensate when you have to postpone or cancel a planned run?

Unexpected Rest Day

Today I had planned to do an easy 8 km run. However, after a great weekend in terms of weather we had rain on and off all day today. I did not end up going for my run since it was raining hard when I left work.

I may end up doing the 8 km run on Thursday when I had originally planned to take a rest day. However, since I only had an 8 km run planned for today it will be easy to get in the mileage over the course of the week.

Considering the fact that I am planning 10 Yasso 800’s Thursday I would still like to use Thursday as a day of rest. If that is the case I will probably end up spreading the 8 km over the rest of my runs this week. For example, tomorrow it would be easy to turn my scheduled easy 10 km run into an easy 12 km run.

For now I think I will go through my usual stretching routine since I am not running tonight.

What do you do when forced to take an unexpected day of rest? Do you make up the mileage other days? Do you go for an extra run?