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Race Report: Canada Day Road Races 5 km

I have been struggling to find the time and motivation to post on here but I figured a recap of my latest race was as good a time as any to get back into it.

I’ve made a point of running a race on Canada Day most years since I started running. This year I registered for the 5 km race, hoping for a sub 20 minute time. For the first time my 3 daughters were also registered to run, 2 in the 1 km and 1 in the tot trot.

Most years the we have had hot weather for Canada Day races. This year might have been the hottest one so far. It was already 28 C (82 F) by the time we arrived at the race location for 8:00.

The course was an out and back course through a residential neighbourhood. Due to the heat there were misting stations set up along the course and I made a point of running under each one to try and cool off.

Despite the heat it looks like I was able to maintain a steady pace with mile splits of 6:20, 6:20 and 6:23 (just under 4:00 per km) to finish in 19:54.

Since the kids races started after the 5 and 10 km races I was able to hang around the finish line to wait for my daughters to finish their races. It was a perfect way to start our Canada Day.

Becoming a Running Family

I have managed to continue a regular running routine since running a half-marathon here at the end of May. Unfortunately I have not managed to post on here regularly nor have I registered for or run any races since then. I have been busy otherwise and have not had much time to focus on either.

Eventually I will get back into a routine of posting on here more often and I will commit to a fall race (that decision will likely come this week). For now neither has been a big priority. After running a marathon in April and a half in May it has been nice running without without a specific goal or target in mind. 

On the other hand my two oldest daughters (7 and 4) have been busy running races of their own. In May they both ran the Ottawa Race Weekend 2 km with their grandparents..

More recently, On Canada Day the oldest ran a 1 km race while her sister ran a 100m tot trot (it was only 100m despite her insistence that she ran 100 miles). The following weekend both ran a 1 km race..

Now clearly in addition to plotting out a race schedule for myself I have to find more races for my daughters. My oldest already has a 5 km as her next goal. I think that is totally a realistic goal in the near future and can’t wait to see the smile on her face when she finishes her first 5 km. 

My Week in Training

This week was a full week of training. I managed 55 km this week which isn’t much compared to when I hit the peak of a marathon training cycle but my mileage will likely stay around this level for the next few weeks. It will give me a good base to start from when my training for the Philadelphia Marathon kicks off.

With a 10 km race coming up on Wednesday I kept my runs this week at relatively easy paces. In terms of distance everything is was between 7-9 km with the exception of tonight’s 12.5 km effort. It was also my first week of being back to running 6 times in a week since last month’s marathon. 

As mentioned next up for me is a 10 km race on Wednesday. I’ve done a race on Canada Day several times now. It is always a great way to kick off the holiday. This year will be a little different since the downtown race I normally do is not being offered which is unfortunate given that downtown Ottawa just might be the best place in Canada to run a race on Canada Day. Instead I’ll be doing another race in the suburbs. 

I am never really sure what to expect in terms of a result when it comes to Canada Day races. Often it is hot, last year it was already 30C when we started the race at 8:00. The other factor is that coming just over a month after Ottawa Race Weekend I am usually just getting back to a regular routine. I’ve run it in 41 minutes the last two years, about a minute off my pb in the 10 km.

 Based on where I am at right now I think this year will be more of the same and that it will be more realistic to go for a pb and a shot at a sub 40 minute finish later in the summer. Regardless of what happens it will be good to get in a race effort Wednesday as a sign that I am back to a regular training routine.

How was your week?

Canada Day

Given that Canada Day fell on a Friday this year today is the start of a long weekend here. I’ve been off to a pretty quiet start so far.

I was tired because I was up pretty early and my legs felt like they could use a rest so I did not force myself to go for a run this morning. The fact that I am running the kilt race in Perth tomorrow also has me feeling like a day of rest is a good idea today.

Skipping a run today will still leave me with about 50 km for the week which is around what i have been averaging since the Ottawa Marathon. That will start to pick up again in a few weeks as I begin my 16 week training program for the Philadelphia Marathon.

Later today I’ll probably end up spending some time in my in-laws pool so I guess that sort of counts as cross training. Other than that it will be a pretty low-key day.

As already mentioned, I am doing the 8 km kilt race tomorrow, not sure that I’ll be breaking any records in that one given the heat and the fact that I will be wearing a kilt, and Sunday I will head out early to get in a long run before it gets too hot.

What are your running plans for this holiday weekend, for those of you in Canada and the United States?