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My Week in Training

Once again this week I hit my target for mileage. After 43 km last week I was looking to build on that a bit and ended up with 59 km this week. Along the way I ran my latest race with a 10 km race on Wednesday which was Canada Day. 

I mentioned in a post last week that I as not sure how the race would go given the training I put in after the Ottawa Marathon. I was just hoping for a decent time but not expecting a new pb. That is exactly what I ended up with. I was pleased with the result.

With rain in the forecast for much of Wednesday we were fortunate that the rain ended just before the race started and held off for the duration of the race. In the early going I was able to keep a pace of 4:00/km without too much difficulty. However, a 4:11/km for the sixth km ended up costing me a better time. In the end I crossed the line in 41:01. Not a pb but not a bad way to get back into another training cycle.

Other than that my remaining runs this week were at an easy pace. This morning’s run was enjoyable since I got to take my 2 year old on an adventure around the city. Here we are catching the end of the changing of the guard at Parliament Hill…


Week 4 of Training for the Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront Marathon

Week four of training has been a bit of a mixed bag for me. I started off the week training as per usual including running a race, had to take a couple of days off due to dental work and now and back to regular training to end the week.

The week started off with a 20 km long run at an easy pace. As is often the case for weekend runs I took one of my daughters with me in the Chariot. This run was probably the first one this year where I can say I felt the heat. This run felt tougher than it otherwise would have been.

Tuesday morning I ran a 10 km race for Canada Day, chronicled in my last post. As mentioned in that post, I came just short of my goal of setting a new pb in the 10 km.

What I did not mention in the post, because I did not know at the time, is that I actually won the race. The reason I did not mention the win is because there was initially some confusion and someone else had been credited with the win. The result was changed today and I am quite pleased with that, mainly because I get a free pair of shoes for the win!

Wednesday and Thursday were off days for me because I had a wisdom tooth removed Wednesday morning. Although the procedure went well my dentist recommended not running for a couple days.

Fortunately for me I did not have a long layoff due to the extraction of my wisdom tooth. Today I was able to get back to training for STWM. It was a perfect evening to get back to running after a couple of days off…

Tomorrow I will end the week with a 15 km run at 4:20/km, just quicker than my goal marathon pace. Overall it has been another solid week of training.

How did your week go?

Race Report: Commonwealth Games 10 km


Tuesday morning I ran my latest race. Running a 10 km race on Canada Day has become a bit of a tradition for me. With the races starting early in the morning I find it to be a great way to start the holiday and in my opinion downtown Ottawa with Parliament Hill as a backdrop is the best location for a race on Canada Day.

Last year I ended up finishing this race in 41:00 which at the time was a 10 km pb for me. The plan for this year was to go for another pb in the 10 km meaning I needed to beat 40:30.

The weather can often be a factor for this race because it can be really hot and humid first thing in the morning in early July. This year the race got started at 8:15 which was about an hour later than last year.

The course was two loops of an out and back course along the Ottawa River, starting and finishing at the Canadian War Museum. The course was mainly flat course with the exception of with a small hill at about the midpoint of the course, those of you who have run the Ottawa Marathon in the least few years will know what hill I am talking about.

In addition to the heat and humidity it was also windy this year and given the direction of the course we would have to run into the wind for the forst half of each lap.

I got off to a quick start. One runner took off ahead of me and initially I tried to keep up but realizing quickly that was unrealistic I dropped back and settled into my goal pace of just under 4:00/km.

I really started to feel the heat over the second lap of the race and my pace creeped up over 4:00/km. By the time I hit the 7 km mark I was pretty sure that my attempt at a pb was not going to be succesful but I still felt I could keep close to last year’s time. I gave myself a bit of a break by walking through the last water station to take a breether and take time to drink some water.

I took off again from there and ended up crossing the line in 41:42, about a minute slower than my time from last year’s race. From discussions after the race it sounded a number of other runners had missed their goal by about a minute due to the heat.

Overall I am still pleased with my result. It is not a pb but I did as good as I could given the conditions Tuesday morning. I am also planning at least one more attempt at my 10 km pb this summer so this was a good start to the summer racing season.

Canada Day 10 km

This morning I finally committed myself to one of the shorter races I had my eye on. I decided to run a Canada Day 10 km race which will take place Monday morning. i can’t think of may better ways to celebrate a holiday than restart the day off with a race.

Though I have not done one the past couple of years of I had a stretch of 3-4 consecutive years of running either a km or 10 km race on Canada Day. It will be nice to get back into that habit this year. As mentioned, it is a great way to start a holiday and let’s face if you are going to run a race on Canada Day Ottawa is, in my opinion, the best place in Canada to do it.

In terms of a goal for this race, I am going to say something that is un characteristic for me. I don’t really have one. Of course I would like to set a pb, which is just under 43 minutes for me, but I am not sure if I am ready for that after taking it easy for most of June.

If I don’t get a pb on Monday I will definitely take another shot at it at some point because the 10 km is a distance I have not really focused on since I started running marathons. The 10 km races I have run in recent years have been used as training runs for marathon training.

Do you have plans to run on Canada Day, or the 4th of July for American readers?