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Hill Repeats

Hill repeats are an important workout to build strength in your legs during training. They were a big part of my training cycle for Philadelphia in the fall. I had hill repeats scheduled by my coach once a week, adding an extra one each week. In the fall I topped out at six or eight repeats.

So far in this training cycle I have not had hill repeats scheduled. As of tonight hill repeats are back on the schedule. I started off with three repeats tonight.

Usually my routine involves going up and down the hill at 100% with a break between repeats. I tried that tonight but with fresh snow on the ground the conditions were not ideal for that…


I managed to get in my three repeats. I might not have been able to push as hard as I normally would have but I was able to complete my workout and hill repeats are now back on my weekly schedule.

Do you include hill repeats in your training schedule?