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16 Weeks Until My Next Marathon

As of today I know have 16 weeks before my next marathon, the Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront Marathon. On October 14th I will run my seventh marathon in four years. My goal for this one will be the same as it has been for every marathon I have run since completing my first one, set a new pb and get myself closer to my goal of running my Boston qualifying time.

I chose this race for a couple of reasons. First, it is a reasonable distance from home. The second reason is that course is known for being relatively flat and quick. That said, while I used to be familiar with downtown Toronto it has been several years since I have been there so if any runners from the GTA have any tips about the course or the best places for family to watch the race and meet up with runners after they finish please do let me know.

What does this mean for my training? The biggest change is that it means that I am now back to a focused training routine after a few weeks of running without a plan. As of tomorrow it means I will be kicking off my 16 week training plan to get ready for the marathon. In terms of this blog, it means that I will go back to using my Friday posts as an update of how each week of training has gone.

In terms of my training, I plan to stick to the routine I have used for my past two marathons as it has worked well. My 16 week training plan will be based on Bart Yasso’s training plan with a few edits here and there to add in a couple of races and to fit in with my schedule.

I do plan to try and make another change that if I can stick with it will hopefully benefit my training. I’ll have more on that tomorrow.