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Review: WarmFX Anti-Pain Balm

A few weeks ago Bodyglide sent out a Tweet looking for bloggers to review their WarmFX product. I took them up on the offer and received a stick of Warm FX Anti-Pain balm in the mail last week.

If you are not familiar with the product, their website advertises it as being able to “provide temporary relief of minor pain and soreness in the muscles and joints.”

The body glide WarmFX arrived just as I played my first soccer game of the season last week. For those of you who don’t regularly play soccer, I find it harder on my legs than running. The uneven fields and sudden starting and stopping take a toll. After last Monday’s game my quads and hamstrings were tight and sore.

Even after a day of rest on Tuesday my legs were still sore. I applied generous amounts of WarmFX to my quads and hamstrings. I could feel it warming my muscles almost as soon as I applied it to my legs. The product does have a strong but not overpowering menthol smell to it.

One word of advice for anyone using this product, the more you put on the hotter it gets.