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Birthday Run

Today was my birthday and since I am writing about it you know there was a running related theme to it this year. To start the day, my wife asked if there was anything Special I wanted to do. Being in the midst of training for a marathon, the only thing I was hoping to get done today was fit in my scheduled 25 km run.

I planned to get in my run this morning so as not to take up too much of the day and to leave time to spend with the kids. I headed out the door with my youngest in the Chariot around 9:30 on what was a perfect morning for a run..


I wasn’t sure how long my daughter would last with me. So far her longest run was 21 km two weeks ago. Today she lasted 16.5 km with me before I took her home and continued for a final 8.5 km on my own. In the end I did what I wanted to do with the day and then had time to spend the rest of the day with both of my kids. I couldn’t have picked a better way to spend the day.

Still on the birthday theme, I noticed lately that my Garmin Forerunner 305 was not holding charges as long and that the charger was starting to get finicky, sometimes the Garmin would turn itself on while it was on e charger and drain what was left of the battery power and at other times it was just easy to knock it loose on the charger and have it not charge at all. After three years and too many kilometres to recall, I started thinking about replacing my Garmin.

This morning, I unexpectedly received the replacement from my wife, a Forerunner 610,  before I headed out for my run. Unfortunately the battery was not fully charged so I could not try it out but I think i retired my old one on a high note and now I have a new toy to test out this week.