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Plans for January

As mentioned on here previously my goal race for the first half of this year is the Ottawa Marathon in May. My training plan for the marathon will be the same as I have used to prepare for my last few marathons.

My training plan will be a 16 week training plan based on the advanced plan in Bart Yasso’s book. With a few adjustments here and there to fit my schedule using this approach helped me set a streak of personal bests in the marathon until October’s Toronto Waterfront Marathon when my training was interrupted by recovery from a sprained ankle.

A 16 week training plan means my focused training plan for the marathon will start in just under one month from now. Until then my plan is simply to continue running regularly and build up my mileage before my training plan starts.

Since returning to running regularly after the birth of my daughter in November I have managed to maintain a pace of 40-50 km per week. I’ll aim to get my weekly mileage up to the 50-60 km range. The biggest part of that will be getting back to a weekly long run since lately the majority of my runs have been in the 8-10 km runs.

What are your plans for January?