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Changing Plans

Sometimes in order to fit in a run we have to change our plans in order to fit in a scheduled run. Yesterday was such a day for me. With 24 km on the schedule I initially planned to get in my run early in the morning. However, my plans had to change when it became apparent I would not be able to fit in a morning long run.

I then decided to go for my run in the evening after the kids had gone to bed. Doing a long run at night is generally my least favourite option, I find it tougher to prepare and stay motivated for. That said, when the alternative is not running I’ll take it.

Since I was now expecting to run around 8:00 got prepared by having my usual pre long run breakfast consisting of a bowl of oatmeal and a banana. I headed out a couple of hours later as planned.

Unfortunately it was raining when I headed out and with the temperature starting to drop it made for icy sidewalks in places. Despite that I managed to get through my run as planned. The only downside was a fall a few hundred metres from home when I lost my footing going around a corner…


Other than that, it was a good run. It was the type run that I can look back on for motivation when I get closer to race day. I did not run it in ideal conditions but I fit it into my day and after a busy day it was a good way to decompress.