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Second Half of 2012

Now that the Ottawa Marathon is in the past and that I am starting to train for the Toronto Waterfront Marathon in October. As part of that training I am looking at doing another 2-3 shorter races to help me with my training.

Due to the summer heat July and August are not busy months for races around here but a quick check just now shows that I do have a few options close to home to choose from. I don’t even have to stick with road racing to do it either if I want to mix things up again as August brings the Camp Fortune trail race that I have competed in the past two years.

Like the first half of the year my plan will be to get in 2-3 shorter races to use as a judge of my fitness and to give me more time in a race setting ahead of the marathon in October. Right now my plan is to try and fit these races in during July an August.

You’ll notice above that I did not mention any races in September. The reason for that being that my plan is to pace the Army Run in September for the third consecutive year. I am not sure yet which pace I will be running at but this is an event I have come to look forward to since doing it for the first time a few years ago.

How do you plan out your race schedule for the year? Do you plan ahead of time? Do you look for shorter races to help you get ready for a longer goal race?

Trail Running as Part of Training for a Marathon

When I created this blog last year one of my first posts was about trail running and my limited experience with it.

Fast forward a year and my experience with trail running is still limited. However, I will be running my second trail race next Saturday. It will be the same race I ran last year, the 5 Peaks Camp Fortune Enduro race.

The race takes place at Camp Fortune, a ski hill close to Ottawa where my wife and I often head in the winter. The Enduro race involves 2 loops of the course for a total of 12 km.

Since my experience with trail running is limited I am doing this one more for fun and a diversion from my usual runs. I still do not even own a pair or trail running shoes because I have only completed one trail race.

Since that trail race a year ago my trail running experience has been limited to one “trail”. The trail in question is a trail, a fairly flat with one small hill,  of about 2km that runs along the river that runs behind our house. I use this trail a couple of times a week as it drops me off close to our house.

Back to the race next Saturday, since I still do not have much experience with trail running I am not sure what my goals should be. It would be nice to beat last year’s time but really I think the important things for me this time will be to get in the mileage and have fun.

Do you incorporate trail running in your training?

Race plans for the Rest of the Year

Now that the Perth Kilt Run is out of the way I still have a few races scheduled between now and the end of the year.

So far, my next race is the 5 Peaks Camp Fortune trail race next month. I did the 12 km race last year and am planning to do the same distance again. I did this one last year and quite enjoyed it. I figure doing it again this year will give me a nice diversion from my usual training. You can read about last year’s experience here.

Following that I am scheduled to be a pace bunny in the Army Run half-marathon. I have participated in the run for the past two year and last year as a pace bunny for the first time. You can read about that experience here.

Finally, in November I am running the Philadelphia Marathon which is my goal race for the second half of the year. The goal for that one will be to improve on my 3:23 from the Ottawa Marathon in May.

So far that is my schedule of races for the rest of the year. However, I am toying with the idea of finding a 5 km in order to see how fast I could run it. During the kilt I was on pace for a sub 20 minute 5 km so if I can find a 5 km race around here either this month or next month I will probably add that to my list.

What are your race plans for the rest of the year?

Back on Track

I went for my first post-marathon run tonight. I opted for an easy run home from work and ended up doing 8.75 km in 45 minutes. It felt good to get back to running after a few days. My legs felt good, any stiffness or aches from the marathon are now gone.

I think I will now plan to head for a run after work tomorrow and probably a couple over the weekend as well. For now I’ll probably end up keeping those at an easy pace. Next week when I am feeling up to it I might try something at a tempo pace.

In terms of upcoming adventures, I do have a few races planned over the upcoming months. The first will be the Perth Kilt Run. This one is an 8 km race and as the name implies, runners must wear a kilt. Not sure how this one will go since I have never run in a kilt before, I haven’t actually ever worn one before either, but it should be fun.

In August I am planning on doing the 5 Peaks Camp Fortune trail race again. Last year I completed the 12 km course and quite enjoyed it as a change of pace from my usual routes around the city.

In September I will participate in the Army Run. Last year I participated in the 5 km event as a pace bunny for the first time and will be looking to do so again this year as it was a fun experience.

Finally, as I alluded to in my race report Sunday, I was looking for a fall marathon. Tuesday I ended up registering for the Philadelphia Marathon. Why Philly? I asked Bart Yasso on Twitter if it was a good choice and his response was that it is fast course with cool temperatures. That was enough to sell me on this one. An added bonus is that unlike some of the other large late season marathons this one is not currently soldout. I have not yet been to Philadelphia so if you have any insight on the marathon course or on what there is to see and do in the city please feel free to comment below.