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32 KM Run and an Ankle Injury

Monday turned out to be a day of mixed emotions for me. The day started off on a positive note with me completing my final 32 (20 mile) run ahead of the Toronto Waterfront Marathon. Unfortunately it ended on a negative note with me picking up an ankle injury at soccer.

Anyone who has run a marathon before understands the importance of the 32 km in training. They also understand the feeling that comes with running your last one before a marathon, knowing you are almost there and do not have to run that distance again until race day.

With that you can understand how I felt when I finished my run this afternoon. I actually started the run early this morning but due to other commitments had to finish the second half of my run this afternoon. Due to that I took advantage and ran the second half at close to marathon pace for an extra morale booster which left me feeling positive about my preparations for the marathon.

Unfortunately that feeling is gone for now as a freak injury at soccer tonight left my ankle an ugly swollen mess. The good thing is that I can still walk on it and I don’t think my participation in the marathon is at risk. However with the Army Run only 13 days away it does put my pace bunny duties at risk.

For now I can only hope a couple of days of rest and icing will be enough and that I will be able to get back to running soon.

Week 11 of Training for the Toronto Waterfront Marathon

Week 11 of my training for the Toronto Waterfront Marathon. With one run left to go tomorrow my mileage for week 11 currently sits at 61.5 km. Since last week was my biggest week so far with just over 100 km the plan for this week was to cut back on my mileage a bit. Tomorrow’s run will  leave me with just over 70 km for the week.

The week got off to a good start with the third of my 32 km (20 mile) training runs. Since I am the 1:35 pace bunny for the Army Run half-marathon, 4:30/km is also my goal pace for the marathon, in a few weeks I decided to do the first 21.1 km at marathon pace. The result, the first 21 km in just over 1:35. Not only did I confirm I was ready to pace the Army Run I also managed to get in a good tempo run to get me ready for the marathon in Toronto.

While it was a good week of training I did miss out on two aspects of my training this week, hill repeats and intervals. Although I missed those workouts I think I made up for it with the marathon pace effort as part of my long run and another 10 km tempo run last night.

With just over one month left before the marathon I still have a couple of key workouts left, my final 32 km run which I will do either Sunday or Monday and the aforementioned pace bunny gig in a few weeks. If I can manage to get in a few more hill repeats and intervals along the way I should be in a position to run a good race in Toronto.

As mentioned above, week 12 will kick off with my final 32 km run. Since I have the day off Monday I have the luxury of deciding whether to do it Sunday or Monday depending on other activities.

How did your training go this week?

Holiday Monday

Since today was a holiday I decided to take advantage and throw in a day of rest before my next 32 km run. Coming off a 100 km week I wanted to give my legs a bit of aa break before taking on my next long run.

After opting for a bike ride instead of a run yesterday I got up early for my long run today. I decided that I woulda complete the first 21 km of the run at my goal marathon pace which also happens to be the pace I have committed to running when I pace the Army Run in a few weeks.

As was the case with me previous two runs at this distance I headed out the door to get started while everyone was still sleeping. The plan was to swing back by the house a bit later and pick up my daughter so she could join me in her Chariot.

The first part of my run went according to plan. I managed to get in just over 15 km in 4:30 per km. at that point I returned home to find everyone still sleeping so I headed back out to continue my run. I ran another 6 km at the same pace to give me 21 km in 1:35 which was my goal when I started my run.

OnceI again I swung by the house. This time my daughter awake but she decided she did not want to join me this time. I headed back out the door for my final 10 km. While my pace at this point was a little slower than earlier I still managed to keep a good steady pace and finished my 32 km in 2:32, a full 20 minutes faster than last week.

The best part about today’s run? I now only have one more 32 km run left before the Toronto Waterfront Marathon.

Week 10 of Training for the Toronto Waterfront Marathon

Week nine of my training for the Toronto Waterfront Marathon. With one run left to go tomorrow my mileage for week nine currently sits at 86 km. Tomorrow’s plan is to get in 14 km to give me my first 100 km week in this training cycle.

Once again this week was a solid week of training. The week kicked off with the second of my 32 km (20 mile) training runs. Dividing it by getting in 18 km on my own at a quicker pace followed by the remaining 14 km with the Chariot at a slower pace seemed to make the run go by quicker.

In terms of more intense workouts, I did manage to get in a tempo run on Tuesday. However, it was a shorter effort in terms of mileage since I ran at lunch and only had time for 7 km. I think one of my goals next week will be to try and get in a marathon pace effort over 12-15 km.

Last week I managed to fit in hill repeats but did not make it out to the track for intervals. This week was the opposite. I made it out to the track for intervals last night, 8 x 800 being the workout of choice. However, I was not able to fit in hill repeats. Maybe next week I will be able to fit in both once again.

Week 11 kicks off Sunday morning with the third of my scheduled 32 km runs.

How did your training go this week?

August Mileage

Without setting to do so at the start, this month. Is turning out to be one of by biggest months of training in terms of mileage. With one day left in the month I have completed 368 km so far this month.

Currently my biggest month of training was 414 km two years ago, also in August. That was also the last time I trained for an October marathon. This time around the mileage is the result of 32 km (20 mile) runs the past two Sundays and the fact that week I have increased my mileage and am headed toward a 100 km week.

In both of these cases I did not set out to beat any personal records I think it was just a combination of me being able to get in most of my planned runs for those months and the fact that they included my longest training runs.

In terms of my current training plans, I can only hope that the extra mileage benefits me on race day in October.

Do you head into each month with a goal for overall mileage or do you just worry about your next run?

Week 9 of Training for the Toronto Waterfront Marathon

Week nine of my training for the Toronto Waterfront Marathon. With one run left to go tomorrow my mileage for week nine currently sits at 76 km. With my final run tomorrow I look to get in 10-12 km to leave me with a total of 85-90 km for the week.

The week got off to a solid start with the first of my 32 km (20 mile) training runs ahead of the marathon. The arrival of 32 km training runs is an important stage in marathon training. On the one hand it means that you are in the midst of your most important mileage in training. I am aiming to complete four of these runs before the marathon. The good thing is that once I get these runs out of the way it will be time to start tapering my mileage in order to get ready for race day.

I followed up Sunday’s run with a couple of solid tempo runs and a series of hill repeats. The tempo runs we’re both 10 km efforts. In terms of hill repeats I managed to get in eight repeats over my lunch hour yesterday. That is probably the most repeats I will be able to fit in over a lunch our. However, given the pitch of the hill it will be a beneficial workout if I can continue to fit them in.

Week ten kicks off with the second of my 32 km runs Saturday morning.

How did your training go this week?

32 Km Training Run

Yesterday was the first of my planned 32km, 20 mile, training runs before October’s Toronto Waterfront Marathon. I generally try to fit in four of these runs while I train for a marathon. My plan is to get in the second one this upcoming Sunday. I will then cut back my distance for a week before I get in the final two.

These runs are one of the most important workouts in marathon training. Not only do they get you used to running for 2.5-3 hours, they also provide a good opportunity to test nutrition and hydration strategies for race day. It is probably the best opportunity for you to test what might work, allowing you to come up with a plan to tackle race day.

Obviously, due to the distance involved, these workouts present a challenge. The biggest challenge being the time it takes to complete the run. For example, yesterday’s run took me 2:53 to complete.

In order to minimize the impact of my longer runs on the day I try to plan them for early in the morning. Yesterday I was out the door at 5:30 in order to gets started while everyone at home was sleeping. After completing 11.5 km I returned home to pick up my daughter so I could bring her along for the rest of my run and let my wife go back to sleep.

Sometimes weekends are so busy that it is difficult to fit in all of the mileage at once. As a result, I have on occasion had to divide the 32 km run into two shorter separate runs. I am not sure how effective this strategy is overall but it did not seem to affect my training for my last two marathons.

Week 14 of Training for the Ottawa Marathon

Week 14 of training for the Ottawa Marathon is nearly complete. My final run in week 14 will be a 12 km run which will get me to my target of 100 km for this week. It is hard to believe that there are now only two weeks until race day.

As mentioned last night, this week saw a few milestones on the schedule. The first was my final 32 km (20 mile) run that kicked off the week. That run involved my longest mileage with my daughter in her Chariot. You can read about it here.

The second milestone for the week was to have been a final speed interval workout last night. However, due to the condition of the track as a result of rain this week the run turned into a marathon pace run. Given all the work I did at the indoor track over the winter I was not too disappointed to miss the final track session before race day.

The final milestone of the week will come at the end of tomorrow’s run when I hit 100 km (62 miles) for the week. In order to help hit this target yesterday and today became two run days with short easy runs from work at lunch followed by longer evening runs.

With that out of the way now it is time to start tapering to help me get ready for race day. My key workouts are complete now the goal will be to make sure I don’t do anything unecessary before then.

How did your training go this week?

Long Run Turned into a History lesson

Today was my last scheduled 32 km (20 mile) run before the Ottawa Marathon which is in three weeks from today. My plan for this morning was to head out and get in some mileage before my daughter woke-up and then to loop back home and pick up her up when I received the call saying she was awake.

I managed to get in 7.5 km before it was time to pick-up my daughter and her Chariot. After the brief delay we were quickly underway again. for the rest of my run. Many of my long runs pushing the Chariot turn into unplanned adventures as I look for things to entertain my daughter.

Today’s run turned into a bit of a history lesson as we headed downtown and took a stroll around the Parliament buildings and ended up stopping to look at some of the statues of former Prime Ministers along the way.

The history lesson continued after we left Parliament Hill first with a stop to see the statue of Canadian jazz legend Oscar Peterson then to top it all off having a fly over us as part of a ceremony to remember the Battle of the Atlantic.

With that, the final of my four planned 32 km runs before the Ottawa Marathon was complete. As I did last week, I enjoyed a craft beer. Like last week, this one was also from the Muskoka Brewery. Today’s choice was their Cream Ale. This one is an English style ale with a bit of hoppiness but not too bitter. This is one I would definitely try again.


Combining a Long Run and a Race

Today was the third of the three races I signed up for to help me get ready for the Ottawa Marathon. Since I still I still had two 32 km runs (20 mile) to do before the marathon my plan for today was to get up early and get in some extra mileage before the race and then run the race at my intended marathon pace.

My morning started out around 6:30 when I headed out the door for a planned 20-21 km run. I did this run at a fairly easy pace. Fortunately I live close to the start line so before heading to the start line to pickup my chip I stopped at home to change my shirt, change my shoes for my race flats and grab my bib.

This morning’s race was the Ottawa Physio Race 10 km, a race I have done three times now. As planned I line-up for the start of the race having already completed 21 km at an easy pace. As mentioned, the plan for the race was to stick to my intended marathon pace (4:30). I felt good running at this pace despite the fact I had already run 21 km.

I crossed the finish line in 44:11 (4:26 pace) which is exactly what I was looking for today. Next up is the Ottawa Marathon in 33 days. I think the three tune-up races have been a useful test of my fitness ahead of the marathon and they have certainly provided me with an extra boost of confidence. Now I just have to wait for race day and hope that everything comes together.

Here are the details on this morning’s run…