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Saturday Long Run

As I mentioned last night, I planned to do my long run this morning because I won’t have time to get it in tomorrow morning.

On the schedule today was a 28 km run. I managed to get out the door around 6:00. The first half of my run took me toward 24 Sussex, the Residence of the Prime Minister of Canada.

I ended up at 24 Sussex around 7:00 and not surprisingly there was already a media crew setup with a camera.

For those of you unsure why a media crew was waiting outside the Prime Minister’s residence at 7:00 on a Saturday morning let me explain. The Government lost a motion of confidence in the House of Commons yesterday afternoon.

As a result, the Prime Minister was scheduled to cross the street to visit the Governor General in order to request that he dissolve Parliament which would send us into an election campaign.

Enough with the lesson in Canadian politics and back to my run. I completed the first 18 km on my own at which point I decided to stop at home in order to pick up my daughter and run with her in her Chariot for the remaining 10 km.

In the end I completed 28 km in 2:29. I think I will enjoy a day of rest tomorrow!