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Second Last 20 Mile Run Before Philly

My training plan has me scheduled for four 20 mile, 32 km, training runs before the Philadelphia Marathon. Today was the third of those runs.

In order to not take up the entire day with my run the plan was to head out early while everyone was still asleep to get in some mileage before my daughter woke up at which point I would load her in the Chariot to bring her for the rest of the run so my wife could catch a bit more sleep.

My plan started off exactly as planned. I was out the door before 6:00 and managed to get in 12 km before 7:00. When I stopped at home everyone was still asleep so I went out and did a 5 km loop around the neighbourhood before going back home. I stopped in at home a second time and once again everyone was still sleeping so I headed out for another loop of the neighbourhood.

I stopped at home for a third time with 23 km complete. If you have read my blog before you’ll know that my daughter is essentially my training partner on weekends as she accompanies me for most of my weekend runs. It felt weird getting in this much mileage on a long run without her.

This time my daughter had just woken up. I took a break from running long enough to help get a snack and some toys for her to bring along for the final 9 km. It’s probably a good thing that she did not join me earlier in the run as it was cool, rainy and windy for most of that time.

Here are the details on this morning’s run…

Week 11 of Training for the Philadelphia Marathon

Week 11 of my 16 week training for the Philadelphia Marathon is nearly complete. This week’s plan called for 93 km, 58 miles. I have not yet been for today’s run and still have two runs left for the week. My current mileage sits at 62 km for the week. As a result, my plan is a 14 km run tonight and a 14 km run tomorrow which will bring me to 90 km.

This week was another good week of training. The week began with my second 20 miler, 32 km, on Sunday. Wednesday involved a ladder workout for speed work while tonight’s planned run is a 14 km with 12 km at tempo pace.

Week 12 will kick off with another 20 mile run on Sunday. It will be the third of my planned four 20 mile training runs before Philadelphia.

With five weeks of training left I now have approximately 407 km, 252 miles, to go before I hit the streets of Philadelphia in November.

Week 9 of Training for the Philadelphia Marathon

I’ve been on hiatus for a couple days now since I was out of town for the weekend. In order to get back on track I am going to make the post I would have normally done Friday.

Week 9 of my 16 week training program is now out of the way. It ended up being my biggest week in terms of mileage so far.

This week represented my first week with a speed workout, which you can read about here.

As mentioned, it ended up being my biggest week so far in terms of mileage. I ended the week with 95 km mainly due to the fact I ended up getting in a second long run because I knew I would not be running over the weekend.

To make up for not being able to run over the weekend I decided to take advantage of the fact I was off work Friday and went for my first 32 km, 20 mile, training run.  Likely due to the fact that I had done a tempo run Thursday my legs were starting to feel heavy toward the end of my run but I managed to complete the distance within my usual long run pace which should leave me in a good position to take on the remaining 3 or 4 runs at that distance that I still have ahead of me before Philadelphia.

I am not quite sure yet how I will approach this upcoming week. I am scheduled to do some Yasso 800’s for speed training but I have also signed up for a 5 km race on Thursday. Ideally I will be able to leave myself with a day in between those two workouts meaning I may get in my speedwork on Tuesday.

As I move into week 10 of my training  I have approximately 583 km, 362 miles, left before I hit the streets of Philadelphia in November. I just hope it won’t be too difficult to get back into my training routine tomorrow after two days of no running.

How did your training go this past week?

Second Last 32 km (20 Mile) Run Before the Marathon

Since I did not have time to fit in my long run yesterday and I had the day off work today I decided to do my long run today. Today’s run was the second last of my 32 km runs before the Ottawa Marathon next month.

My morning got off to an unexpected start following a Tweet I sent as I was mapping the route for my long run. I received a response from someone connected with the Ottawa Marathon wanting to know if I planned to check out any of the new sections of this year’s marathon course.

Apparently they were trying to arrange to have the CBC do a piece on the changes to the course and wanted to know if I would be interested in participating. I was certainly interested at the prospect of participating in the piece. Unfortunately it turns out they already had another group to follow for the piece and my participation was not needed. At least it gave me some excitement to start the day and a story to tell on here tonight.

As for my run, I did go out and check out a couple of the changes to this year’s course. For those interested, I checked the portion through Hintonburg to the Ottawa River Parkway and across the river to Gatineau.

My first impression was that I liked the changes. One of the biggest changes is that the portion on the Gatineau side of the river is now much shorter which means less hills. It did not take me long at all to get back across the river. I also like the fact that we get to see a couple of neighbourhoods that were not included in previous versions of the course by going through Hintonburg and Westboro.

Unfortunately I was not able to check out the new sections in the first couple of km that cover China Town and Little Italy. I will have to cover that section on one of my remaining long runs.

In the end I finished with 32.3 km in 2:47.