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January Update

With my 16 week training plan for the Ottawa Marathon scheduled to start next week I am starting to feel ready to get going again. No doubt a lot of that has to do with the fact that I ran a half-marathon last Sunday and I am coming off my biggest week in terms of mileage in several weeks with 61 km last week.

Overall this month I am looking at finishing with about 215-220 km for the month. For me this represents a good start to the year as I look to start building my mileage again following slower months in November and December. I’ve already run more mileage than I did in January of last year.

Looking ahead I have one more week of running without a set plan to follow. Next week I will start following the same 16 week training program that I used for my last few marathons. I’ve already put my training schedule into the calendar on my iPad so that I have a reminder each day and can plan ahead.

For the rest of the week my goals are simply to fit in five more runs and make it to the dome for intervals on Thursday.

Has your start to 2013 gone as planned or hoped? 

February Running Plans

I know my last attempt at writing out a plan for the month did not turn out well but here are my running plans for February and here’s hoping February turns out to be a better month than January was.

I don’t have any races scheduled for this month but as mentioned last night, I will be starting my 16 week training program for the Ottawa Marathon next week. That alone will help me increase my mileage this month.

Once again I be using Bart Yasso’s training program although I will modify it somewhat by adding in some speed work and hill repeats earlier in my training. I am not sure yet how often I will be doing hill repeats but I plan on getting in some speed work once a week at the indoor track I tried out a couple of weeks ago.

My plan calls for 129 miles, or 207 km this month. Since I will also be running regularly this week and my 16 training plan starts next Monday I should be able to get in about 250 km this month.

Also for this month, as I have done for my past two marathons, my Friday posts will be a weekly wrap-up of my training as I count down the 16 weeks to go until the Ottawa Marathon in May.

What are your plans for February?

Week 2 of Training for Philadelphia

After tomorrow’s run I will have completed my second of 16 weeks of training for the Philadelphia Marathon.

My training plan called for 57 km, 36 miles, this week. So far despite the fact that I took an extra day off yesterday because I was too busy I have managed to complete 43 km. With a run of at least 10 km to go tomorrow I will come close to hitting the mileage called for in my plan.

While last week when exactly to plan this week has not as I ended up not running Tuesday due to rain and the fact that I was exhausted and yesterday I ended up being too busy to get out.

I did, however, manage to get in two runs Wednesday to make up for the missed run on Tuesday and tonight I ended up doing a tempo run on my way home from work. As a result, it has still been a fairly productive week in terms of training for Philadelphia.

When I start week 3 on Sunday I will have 1077, or 669 miles, of training remaining before I run Philadelphia. I can only hope the remaining 14 weeks of training will go as well as the first two have gone.

How did your training go this week? Did you hit your goals?