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Week 7 of Training for the Philadelphia Marathon


Week 7 of my training for the Philadelphia Marathon is nearly complete. All that remains is a run tomorrow. Tomorrow’s run will be my usual Saturday plan of a 10-12 km easy run.

This week’s schedule called for a bit of a drop in mileage with 51 km, or 32 miles, on the schedule.

With a run left still to go tomorrow I have already hit that goal. After two runs today my weekly mileage sits at 51 km.

As you can already tell, my week did not exactly go according to schedule. Sunday called for a 5 km race but I ended up going out and doing some speed intervals for a total of 7 km.

Tuesday I had planned to do my usual 8-10 km run but had to abandon that plan just after 3 km  because of thunder and lightning. As a result I stopped at the nearest bus stop and caught a bus home. The run home from where I got off the bus left me with a total of 4.8 km for the day.

On a positive note I did end up getting in my scheduled tempo run on Thursday.

Today, thinking I had mileage to make up, I decided to get up early and do two runs. My first run this morning was an easy 8 km run while my second one ended up being an easy 11 km run home from work.

I guess technically I don’t need a run tomorrow since I have already hit my targeted mileage for the week but I will still go out for an easy run with my daughter in her Chariot.

As I go into week 8 of my training for the Philadelphia Marathon I know have approximately 749 km, or 466 miles, left before I hit the streets of Philadelphia – my math was off in my previous few calculations of my remaining mileage totals.

Week 8 begins on Sunday with pace bunny duty for me. I will be pacing a 1:50 group in the Canadian Army Run. Since my schedule calls for 28 km that day I will probably take my daughter for a little warm-up run around the neighbourhood before I head to the start line.

How was your training this week?