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The upcoming Ottawa Marathon will be my sixth marathon. Each time I have felt that passing certain milestones in training give me an extra boost in confidence and get me even more excited about race day which is now only 17 days away.

For me it seems like it is the same milestones that bring about this feeling each time. They are the last 32 km (20 mile run), my last session of speed intervals and my longest week in terms of mileage.

It turns out that I am in the process of hitting each of those milestones this week. This past Sunday was my last 32 km run, tonight was to be my last speed interval workout although it turned into a marathon pace effort due to the condition of the track and I am still on pace for my goal of 100 (62 miles) km this week which will give me my biggest week of training.

I am not sure what exactly it is about these milestones, I guess it is the fact that my 16 weeks of training are nearly complete and that race day is finally close. After this week I will begin reducing my mileage and the intensity of my workouts in order to help get me ready for race day.

Do you find hitting milestones like this gives you n extra boost of confidence in your training?

Week 7 of Training for the Ottawa Marathon

Week seven of training for the Ottawa Marathon is nearly complete. This week’s schedule called for 72 km (45 miles). Following last night’s run I have completed 59.5 km so far this week. With a planned 12 km run tomorrow I will hit my target for week seven.

It was another solid week of training that got started with a 25 km (16 mile) run early Sunday morning. I was also able to take advantage of some unusually warm weather to do most of this week’s runs in shorts and short sleeves much earlier in the year than usual.

Other than the long run my tougher workouts included some hill training Tuesday night and my first outdoor set of speed intervals last night with mile repeats being the workout of choice this time.

Week eight kicks off with a scheduled 28 km (18 mile) run Sunday. It is hard to believe I am already at the halfway point of my training for the Ottawa Marathon.  According to my training schedule I know only have 597 km (370 miles) left to go before race day in May!

How did your training go this week?

Week 15 of Training for the Philadelphia Marathon

Week 15 of my 16 week training program for the Philadelphia Marathon is nearly complete. Today I am enjoying a rest day. My second last week of training will end with a 6.5 km, 4 mile, run tomorrow.

So far I have completed nearly 56 km this week meaning my weekly total will sit at approximately 61 km after tomorrow’s run.

While I am in the process of tapering for the marathon this week was another good week of training. It started with a 25 km run Sunday and yesterday I completed a 12 km run with 10 km at my intended marathon pace. The other runs I did this week were shorter recovery runs.

Of course since I am so close to race day the most important fact is that I have so far managed to avoid getting sick or injured. Hopefully I have not just jinxed myself by saying that!

The key now and when I head to Philly next Friday will be to get in a few more recovery runs and a short marathon pace run next week to stay loose while at the same time ensuring my legs are well rested for race day.

How did your training go this week?

Week 5 of Training for the Philadelphia Marathon

Week 5 of my 16 week training program for the Philadelphia Marathon is nearly complete. All that remains this week is an easy 8-10 km run tomorrow.

This week’s plan called for 61 km, or 38 miles. With a final run remaining tomorrow I have completed 54 km. With my easy run of 8-10 km tomorrow I am guaranteed to slightly pass my intended mileage for the week.

This week was another good week of training as I felt strong during all of my runs. One thing that really helped this week was getting back to an early morning run on Monday since I had soccer Monday evening.

The early morning run on Monday allowed me to take my rest day at any other point during the week. I ended up doing that yesterday since I was feeling tired and dark clouds started blowing in around the same time I left work.

Postponing yesterday’s run meant I would do my tempo run today. Since I had the day off work I was able to get in a mid-afternoon run. My scheduled tempo run was 13 km with 10 km at marathon pace, or 8 miles with 6 miles at marathon pace. I did today’s run with my daughter in her Chariot which certainly made for a tougher workout than my usual tempo runs.

Right now I have approximately 961 km, 579 miles, to go over the 11 weeks that remain before the Philadelphia Marathon. Week 6 kicks off Sunday with 24 km, 15 miles, on the schedule!

How did your training go this week?