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Week 1 of Training for the 2012 Ottawa Marathon

Week one of my 16 week training for the 2012 Ottawa Marathon is nearly complete. All that remains is a run tomorrow and my first week of training will be complete. This week has been a good start to my training.

This week’s plan called for a total of 20 miles, or 32 km. I have already passed that total. After tonight’s run my mileage for the week is now 37 km, or 22 miles. I plan to get in an 8-10 km run tomorrow morning which will push my mileage for week 1 over 40 km.

In terms of training this week, my runs were all in the 8-9 km range. I also managed to fit in a couple of higher intensity runs with a tempo run on Tuesday and a good speed workout at the track last night.

There is still a long way to go but it feels good to be training for a marathon again. Only 15 more of these updates to go now!

How did your training go this week?

The Plan for January

As you my recall, I ended up registering for the Ottawa Marathon last weekend. I plan to use a similar 16 week training schedule to the one I used for my last two marathons because it worked well on both occasions.

Tonight I entered my 16 week training program into a calendar and because the Ottawa Marathon is later in May this year my 16 week training program does not officially begin until the 6th of February.

That leaves the question of what to do until then. Since I don’t have any races planned this month it looks like I just have another month of running for myself. As a result, I’ll try to continue the routine I have had going for the last few weeks where I have been getting in five 8-10 km runs between Monday and Saturday and a longer run on Sunday.

To keep things interesting I’ll continue to add some more intense workouts like tempo runs and speed workouts alternating those with easy runs. I may even add in a couple of sets of hill repeats this month too if I feel so inclined.

By the end of the month I’ll have a good base to kickoff another 16 week training cycle for a marathon.

What are your running plans for the rest of January?

Thoughts 13 Days Before Race Day

As I mentioned yesterday, the Philadelphia Marathon is now less than two weeks away. I am now tapering before race day. This week I will be cutting back my mileage again as I will only complete approximately 39 miles, 62 km.

This will be my fifth marathon over the past three years. I feel that I have learned something from each one that I have tried to incorporate into my training in order to help me improve on my results in the marathon.

Today was the first of my two planned rest days this week. After all the mileage I have put in over the past few weeks it feels weird to be taking an extra off but at this point my key workouts that will lead me through race day are out of the way and the key now will be to make sure my legs are well rested for race day.

Thinking back on this training cycle I would say that things have gone mainly to plan. While I did have to cut my final 20 mile run short last week I had some strong speed workouts that left me feeling more confident this time around.

I also completed three strong 20 mile efforts. Once again, most of my long runs on Sundays were completed while pushing my two year old in her Chariot. I am not sure what impact that has on my running but I imagine it has to help strengthen my legs.

Now that all that mileage and hard work is out of the way I’ll try and enjoy the taper and reflect on what I have accomplished over the past few months.

Week 13 of Training for the Philadelphia Marathon

Week 13 of my 16 week training program for the Philadelphia Marathon will be complete after tomorrow’s run. This week’s plan called for 55 miles, 88 kilometers. With one run remaining I currently have completed 86.2 km this week.

I mentioned earlier in the week that I was hoping for 100 km this week to give me a bit more mileage before I start to taper and I am hoping hitting 100 km this week will give me a boost on race day.

Week 13 was another strong week of training. On Wednesday I completed what could turn out to be one of my most important runs of this training cycle, speedwork involving 10 Yasso 800’s. I completed the 10 800’s in an average time of 3:05.

The rest of the week involved a 25 km run on Sunday followed by some 10-12 km easy runs. In order to put myself in a position to hit 100 km for the week I ended up going for two runs today for a total of 26 km. I plan to end week 12 with a 14 km run tomorrow which will leave me a total of 100 km for the week.

Week 14 kicks off with the last of my 20 mile, 32 km, training runs on Sunday.

With four weeks of training left I now have approximately 226 km, 139 miles, to go before I hit the streets of Philadelphia in November. Now I have to head to bed so I can get up in the morning to complete my 14 km run.

How did your training go this week?

The Week Ahead

Seeing the countdown clock on the Philadelphia Marathon website tonight made me realize just how close i am getting to race day. Race day is now less than a month away, 27 days to be exact according to the countdown. It seems like such a long time ago now that I decided to register in the days following the Ottawa Marathon in May. Now I am almost ready to start tapering.

With a little over three weeks left before race day it means that I still have some important miles to get in. This week might end up being the most important week in that if all goes according to plan it will be my busiest week of mileage over this training cycle.

I also have 10 Yasso 800’s scheduled for Wednesday. That should give me a better idea of where I stand in terms of pacing for the marathon.

Next up will be my final 20 mile, 32 km, training run before the marathon. I will get that one out of the way on Sunday. After that I get to start tapering over the final three weeks.

Peak Mileage

With five weeks remaining before the Philadelphia Marathon I have reached the point where I am hitting the peak mileage in my training cycle. This week and next week my plan is to hit 100-110 km per week.

I find this to be the toughest point of the training cycle for a marathon as it is more exhausting both mentally and physically. However, it is also a rewarding point of the training cycle when you manage to get through the increased mileage as it can leave you with more confidence heading into the final weeks of training.

Hitting my mileage targets for the next two weeks will involve a couple of two run days each work meaning a run at the crack of dawn and a run home from work in the evening.

Once the next two weeks are out of the way I will be able to drop my mileage as I taper before race day.

Do you find the peak mileage periods in your training cycles more difficult? How do you keep yourself motivated to get through them?

Week 11 of Training for the Philadelphia Marathon

Week 11 of my 16 week training for the Philadelphia Marathon is nearly complete. This week’s plan called for 93 km, 58 miles. I have not yet been for today’s run and still have two runs left for the week. My current mileage sits at 62 km for the week. As a result, my plan is a 14 km run tonight and a 14 km run tomorrow which will bring me to 90 km.

This week was another good week of training. The week began with my second 20 miler, 32 km, on Sunday. Wednesday involved a ladder workout for speed work while tonight’s planned run is a 14 km with 12 km at tempo pace.

Week 12 will kick off with another 20 mile run on Sunday. It will be the third of my planned four 20 mile training runs before Philadelphia.

With five weeks of training left I now have approximately 407 km, 252 miles, to go before I hit the streets of Philadelphia in November.

Week 4 of Training for the Philadelphia Marathon


My fourth week of training for the Philadelphia Marathon will be complete after tomorrow’s run. My plan called for 67 km, 42 miles, this week. So far my mileage for the week sits at 53 km. This means I will likely come up just a bit short on my intended mileage as I will likely end up doing 10-12 km instead of the 14 needed to hit 67 km for the week.

The reason for the difference in mileage this week is that I did not end up doing a long run on Sunday as my legs were still feeling the effects of last Saturday’s trail race.  I had planned a 22 km run for Sunday.

In order to compensate for the lack of a long run on Sunday I did go out for two runs on Tuesday that gave me a total of 17 km for the day.

The rest of my runs went according to plan. Tuesday and Wednesday saw me get in easy runs for a total of approximately 28.5 km. Yesterday I managed to get in a tempo run with 8.5 km at marathon pace following a brief warm-up. Finally, today I headed out for another easy run, this time for just over 9 km.

As previously mentioned, tomorrow I will headed out for another run, likely in the 10-12 km range which will leave me with 63-65 km for the week.

Right now I have approximately 994 km, 617 miles, to go over the 12 weeks that remain before the Philadelphia Marathon. Week 5 kicks off Sunday with 16 km, 10 miles, on the schedule!

How did your training go this week?