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Ottawa Marathon 2013

This year will be the fifth consecutive year that I have run the Ottawa Marathon. Overall it will be my eighth marathon. In order to get ready for the marathon my training will be based on the same plan I have used for my previous four marathons. Since it is a 16 week program that means my training for this year’s Ottawa Marathon started today.

Last year I managed to finish the marathon in 3:17. My goal for this year is once again is to aim for 3:10, my Boston qualifying time. It will take a lot of work to get the but I am hoping my training will allow me to build on last year’s results.

Over the next 16 weeks my training will see me cover approximately 1179 km, 733 miles. Along the way I will also run a 30 km race and a half-marathon in order to help prepare me for race day. Tonight’s effort to get started was an 8.7 km effort at tempo pace.

As I did while I trained for previous use marathons I plan to now start using my Friday post as a review of my week as I count down the week’s until race day.


Plans for January

As mentioned on here previously my goal race for the first half of this year is the Ottawa Marathon in May. My training plan for the marathon will be the same as I have used to prepare for my last few marathons.

My training plan will be a 16 week training plan based on the advanced plan in Bart Yasso’s book. With a few adjustments here and there to fit my schedule using this approach helped me set a streak of personal bests in the marathon until October’s Toronto Waterfront Marathon when my training was interrupted by recovery from a sprained ankle.

A 16 week training plan means my focused training plan for the marathon will start in just under one month from now. Until then my plan is simply to continue running regularly and build up my mileage before my training plan starts.

Since returning to running regularly after the birth of my daughter in November I have managed to maintain a pace of 40-50 km per week. I’ll aim to get my weekly mileage up to the 50-60 km range. The biggest part of that will be getting back to a weekly long run since lately the majority of my runs have been in the 8-10 km runs.

What are your plans for January?

Week 13 of Training for the Ottawa Marathon


Week 13 of training is nearly complete. All that remains are a run home from work this evening and a final run tomorrow. Those two runs will bring me up to 90 (56 miles) km for the week, the second time during this training cycle I have completed that much mileage in a week. Right now I need just over 16 km between my two remaining runs to hit 90 km.

While I was unable to get in a speed interval workout for the second week in a row, it was another solid week of training with marathon pace runs Monday and Thursday and my usual hill training on Tuesday.

To make up for the lack of speed intervals yesterday I ended up doing two marathon pace runs yesterday. The first was a run of just under 9 km on my way home from work and the second was a run of just under 5 km later at night which I managed to finish just as it started raining heavily.

Speaking of two run days, I just mentioned I had one yesterday. I am doing the same thing today in order to get in a few extra miles to help me hit 90 km for the week. Since both of yesterday’s efforts were marathon pace efforts today’s runs will both be easy efforts. I got in the first of those workouts and lunch and will complete the second on my way home from work.

Only 23 days to race day now!

How did your training go this week?

Week 11 of Training for the Ottawa Marathon

Week 11 of training for the Ottawa Marathon is nearly complete. It was another solid week of training that began with a personal best when I ran a sub 1:30 half-marathon Sunday morning.

With one run remaining tomorrow my mileage for the week sits at 66.5 km. Tomorrow the plan is for an easy 13.5 km to get my mileage up to 80 km for week 11. The next two weeks will likely see similar to increased mileage before I taper for the marathon. That should not be too difficult to achieve since I have my two last 32 km (20 mile) runs scheduled for the next two Sundays.

While Sunday was certainly the highlight of the week, Thursday saw the start of a new habit they will help be get in my extra miles over the next couple of weeks. This Thursday saw me get in two runs because I went for a shorter run at work over the my lunch hour. If I can keep it up this will certainly be a convenient way to get in some of the extra mileage needed to get around 90 km total over the next two weeks.

Week 12 kicks off with another race. This time it is the Ottawa Physio Race 10 km race. So far I have achieved my goals in the first two of three shorter races I entered before the marathon. Since I am scheduled to get in a 32 km (20 mile) run this weekend my current plan for Sunday is to get up early and get in 20 km before the race and then run the 10 km race at my intended marathon pace. It is hard to believe that there are now only 5 weeks remaining before the marathon.

How did your training go this week?


Week 10 of Training for the Ottawa Marathon

Week 10 of training is nearly complete following tonight’s easy 10 km run. Another easy 10 km run tomorrow will leave me nearly 60 km for the week.

This week was a bit of a transition week coming of my busiest week in terms of mileage last week and leading up to my next race to kick off week 11 on Sunday. I mentioned before that my goal for Sunday’s half-marathon is to aim for 1:30 in order to give me a better idea of the time I should aim for in the Ottawa Marathon next month.

Given that I am using Sunday’s race to gauge my fitness ahead of the marathon the plan for this week was to take it easy this week, cut back on mileage and not to push too hard. Other than a marathon pace run on Monday this week’s efforts have been at a fairly pace.

As mentioned, week 11 kicks off with a half-marathon on Sunday which will leave me with a better idea of what my plan for the Ottawa Marathon will be in 42 days from now.

How did your training go this week?

Week 9 of Training for the Ottawa Marathon

Week nine of my 16 week training for the Ottawa Marathon is nearly complete. So far I have completed 58 km (36 miles). Tomorrow I am contemplating getting in my second 30 + km run of my training schedule which would put me at over 80 km for the second week in a row. Normally I would be scheduled to get in that run next weekend but I am running a half-marathon next weekend.

Week nine started off with the first of my 32 km (20 miles) training runs. The run started off on my own for the first 10 km. I was then joined joined by a couple of friends for the rest of the run which seemed to make the distance go by quicker.

This week I did not get any speed work in but I did get in a couple of runs at marathon pace. I also kept up with my now regular Tuesday night hills run. The runs made week nine feel like another solid week of training.

Since I am likely doing my long run tomorrow I’ll likely kick off week ten with a 10-12 km run on Sunday. I am also planning to drop speed work for week ten once again as I will be racing a half-marathon next Sunday. The goal of that race will be to aim for 1:30 in order to give me a better time of the time I should aim for in the Ottawa Marathon which is now only 49 days away!

How did your training go this week?

Changes to my Training

Since I started training for this year’s Ottawa Marathon I made two changes to my training that I had not initially planned on when started training. The two changes have been increased speed work and hill training.

Obviously these are two important elements to marathon training as hills help strengthen your legs while speed work helps you go faster. I have always included hills and speed work in my training but the big change this time has been consistently getting in these workouts starting earlier in my training schedule.

Lately Tuesday nights have become my night for hills and Thursday nights have been my night for speed workouts. The biggest reason for this change has been finding other people to do these workouts with. It certainly makes it easier to be motivated for them and get through them. It also makes for a nice change from the solo runs.

I guess I’ll find out in 52 days how much of a difference for my training but for now at least it is also leaving me more confident as I get closer to race day.

What recent changes have you made to your training?

Week 8 of Training for the Ottawa Marathon

With just one run left week eight of training for the Ottawa Marathon is nearly complete. I’ll end the week with a 14 km run tomorrow to give me 80 km for the week. So far this will be my biggest week of training although that will soon change with my 32 km (20 mile) training runs coming up soon.

The week got off to a good start with a 28 km (17 mile run). As is usually the case I managed to get out the door and get my run started while everyone was still asleep at home. I do find it tough at times to get myself out the door on the weekend but it is the best way to fit in such a long run without disrupting a full day.

Following my long run my two intense workouts this week were a series of hills Tuesday night and a 10 km marathon pace run last night. Both runs felt strong and left me feeling confident about my training so far.

Now that I am over the halfway point in my training the tough part comes with the previously mentioned 32 km training runs and 90-100 km weeks coming up over the next few weeks.

Week nine kicks off with my first 32 km training run Sunday morning. With week eight out of the way I know have approximately 507 km (314 miles) left to go before race day in  May.

How did your training go this week?

Week 6 of Training for the Ottawa Marathon

Week six is nearly complete. All that remains is a 10 km race tomorrow, you can read about that here. Tomorrow’s race will leave me with just over 70 km for the week which close to what I expected based on my training schedule.

The week started off with a 24 km run (15 mile) on Sunday. It was my first run longer than a half-marathon distance in a while. It also turned out to be my first run outside in shorts of the year so it was a good way to start the week on two accounts.

In terms of higher tempo workouts, I managed to get in a good tempo run Tuesday with 9 km in 40 minutes and last night I went for my weekly speed intervals at the dome. This week’s workout ended up being 6 x 1200. Based on those two workouts along it was a good week and it could get even better depending on the result of tomorrow’s 10 km race.

Week 7 kicks off with a 25 km (16 mile) run Sunday morning. I just took a look at the mileage on my training schedule and I still have 669 km (416 miles) before the Ottawa Marathon on May 27. The heavy mileage weeks are just getting started!

How did your training go this week?

Week 4 of Training for the Ottawa Marathon

With five of my six runs this week complete week four of my training for the 2012 Ottawa Marathon is nearly complete. My final run will be a 10-12 km run tomorrow morning.

This week’s schedule called for a total of 67 km (41 miles). With this morning’s easy 6 km run my weekly mileage sits at 51 km meaning a 10-12 km run will leave with a total of 61-63 km for the week.

Week four was another strong week of training for the marathon. It started off with my first 21 km (13 mile) run in a while Sunday morning. The best part of the week came last night with a series of 10 Yasso 800’s at the dome with an average time of 3:07. Of course I don’t think this means I can go out and run a 3:07 marathon tomorrow but it is a nice confidence booster for now.

Week five kicks off with a planned 16 km (10 mile) run Sunday morning. With week four out of the way only 13 more of these recaps to go until race day!

How did your training go this week?