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Race Report: Canada Day 10 km

As mentioned the other day, I ran a 10 km this morning. For a few years running a race on Canada Day was a bit of a tradition but it had been a couple of years since I’d run one. Now that I got back to it this year maybe will become a tradition again.

Having taken it easy for most of June did not really have any expectations for this race. My plan was just to see how I felt once I got going and take it from there. The weather was actually pretty good for racing at this time of year.

In other years it was already hot and humid by the time the race started. It turned out to. Be a hot day today bing fortunately it was still cool when the race started.

Starting behind Parliament Hill the race offered the best vantage point in the country for a race on Canada Day. Once the race got started I got off to a quick start but fel strong and kept pushing hard. I managed to keep a relatively even pace throughout the race. I think the only point where I may have slowed down is when the 10 km first merged with the 5 km runners but that would have only been temporary because I managed to finish fast.

In the end I crossed the line in 41:01 which turns out to be a new pb for me in the 10 km. It was also good enough for 9th overall and 2nd in my age group so it turned out to be a great way to start Canada Day.

Canada Day 10 km

This morning I finally committed myself to one of the shorter races I had my eye on. I decided to run a Canada Day 10 km race which will take place Monday morning. i can’t think of may better ways to celebrate a holiday than restart the day off with a race.

Though I have not done one the past couple of years of I had a stretch of 3-4 consecutive years of running either a km or 10 km race on Canada Day. It will be nice to get back into that habit this year. As mentioned, it is a great way to start a holiday and let’s face if you are going to run a race on Canada Day Ottawa is, in my opinion, the best place in Canada to do it.

In terms of a goal for this race, I am going to say something that is un characteristic for me. I don’t really have one. Of course I would like to set a pb, which is just under 43 minutes for me, but I am not sure if I am ready for that after taking it easy for most of June.

If I don’t get a pb on Monday I will definitely take another shot at it at some point because the 10 km is a distance I have not really focused on since I started running marathons. The 10 km races I have run in recent years have been used as training runs for marathon training.

Do you have plans to run on Canada Day, or the 4th of July for American readers?

Race Report: St Patrick’s Day 10 km

Yesterday was the first of three races I have leading up to this year’s Ottawa Marathon. My goal in the races will be to see whether I feel I should start the marathon at a 3:10 or 3:15 pace. As part of that my plan is to try and run a half-marathon at a 1:30 pace next month.

Yesterday’s plan was to simply run at a 1:30 half pace which works out to 4:15 per km and 42:40 for a 10 km. I managed to line up near the front and got off to a fast start but quickly dropped back to my intended 4:15 pace. I managed top stick around that pace for most of the race until I picked up the pace for a final sprint over the last 200-300 m.

The result was a final time of 43:27. More importantly, I felt good running at that pace and felt like I could have kept going past 10 km at that pace and definitely could have run a quicker 10 km had that been the goal.

Next up is the half-marathon in just under a month from now. That will provide me with a good test of whether I should aim for 3:10 or 3:15 in the marathon.

How was you weekend? Did you run any races?

Ottawa Physio Race

As I mentioned yesterday, today was the last of the three shorter races I registered for as part of my preparation for the Ottawa Marathon.Today it was the Ottawa Physio Race.

Today’s course was the exact same course as the 10 km race I ran on St Patrick’s Day.

Much like yesterday, it was cool, windy and rainy at the start of the race. I started off at my usual 10 km pace of just under 4:30/km but had a hard time maintaining that pace as we were running into a strong headwind. I also did not want to push too hard early on since I did my long run yesterday.

The sun started to come out as I reached the turnaround point and with the wind at my back I had no trouble picking up the pace. My last three km were my fastest today as I maintained a pace of 4:00-4:20/km over the final three km.

My final time today was 4:42, about 40 seconds slower than my result on St Patrick’s Day. Not bad considering I did a long run yesterday and the conditions at the start of the race.


Training Mileage in April

With a 13.4 km run last night I ended the month of March with a total of 295 km. March ended up being a good month for my training. I would have passed 300 km had I not had to skip a couple of runs. In April I will be looking to pass that mileage total.

Today I started off April with a 9.5 km run including 8 km at marathon pace. With only two months left before the Ottawa Marathon, April is sure to be my busiest month in terms of mileage. If all goes according to plan this month I will be completing 360-400 km this month.

Included in the mileage for this month are my first runs over 30 km, three of them to be exact.

Also included in my mileage totals for April are my next two races. The Minto Run for Reach half-marathon on the 10th of April and the Ottawa Physio Race 10 km on the 17th. Of course I will be looking to beat my current personal bests at both of these distances but the primary goal, especially with the half-marathon, will be to get my legs used to holding a more intense pace consistently over a longer distance.

What are your training plans for April?

St Patrick’s Day Race

Today’s 10 km was my first race of the year. The weather was good for a race this morning with the temperature sitting a couple degrees above 0. The roads were also in decent shape considering the rate at which the snow has been melting here the last few days.

As I mentioned before, I went into this race with no set goal in mind other than figuring my time would be pretty close to my time from my last 10 km race in May of last year.

A bonus to this race is that it started at the High School a few blocks from my house so I did not have to leave the house early. I felt pretty good as I got started and managed to keep a steady pace for most of the race.

In the end I finished with a chip time of 44:02 which is about 45 seconds slower than my 10 km time from last year. I guess I have a goal for my race 10 km race in April! Incidentally, that 10 km race will be run on the same course as today’s race.

I am pleased with today’s result. I didn’t go out intending to set any records. My overall pace of 4:27 per km is slightly quicker than the pace I have been running my tempo runs at.

I am pretty confident now that I can run a quicker 10 km next month. For one thing I will likely not be wearing a pair of gloves on race day. Today when I took off my gloves at the halfway point I kept them in my hands instead of putting them in my pocket. Sure enough I ended up dropping one about 1 km later and had to turn around to retrieve it. I won’t make that mistake next time.

The positive thing about today’s race is that I was able to pick up the pace in the last 2 km of the race and make up some lost time from earlier.

Next up for me in terms of races is likely a half-marathon on April 10 followed by the previously mentioned 10 km a week later.