Final Preparations for PEC

It is now only three days away from the Prince Edward County marathon. It is still kind of hard to believe that race day is almost here as it does not feel like it was that long ago that I decided to train for a fall marathon. I made that decision pretty soon after the National Capital marathon in May. At the time I was pleased with my result of 3:32 but decided I would like to run another this year marathon in order to take a shot at beating my time.

In case you are wondering what made me choose this race I will explain. I initially contemplated registering for one of the two marathons in Toronto. However, in researching fall marathons close to home I discovered this one was also taking place around the same time. One of the first things that appealed to me about this race is the fact that the course is relatively flat. The race also takes place in a rural setting along the shores of Lake Ontario which will be a departure from racing in an urban setting as I am mainly used to. Prince Edward County is also home to a number of wineries which made it easier to sell the idea to my wife.

With three days until the race I feel confident in my training. I have managed to stick pretty close to my training schedule and have only missed two scheduled days of running. One because of the weather and tonight because my left calf muscle is still a little sore after my Tuesday night run. I figured that it was best to take an extra day of rest, the importance of rest days is still fresh in my mind since it was the subject of my last post, in order to make sure I am at my best Sunday morning. I will try and get in a short easy run tomorrow evening after I pack my stuff for the weekend. Saturday I head to Picton for the race!

Rest and Recovery

I found an interesting article that goes over the importance of rest and recovery days.

My rest and recovery days are usually pretty low-key, usually just involving going through my stretching routine. I keep meaning to get in the habit of taking the dog for extended walks on those days. It would probably do both of us good. How do you keep active on your rest and recovery days?

Confining Toronto marathons to Parks?

Just one day after the Toronto Waterfront marathon Rob Ford, a candidate for mayor of Toronto, suggested he would contemplate banning marathons from city streets while confining them to areas like High Park or Downsview. If you want to read more about, yumke over at A whole lot of soles has more on the story.

I am not sure how serious Ford is but the idea does not make a lot of sense to me. It seems like a case of a politician throwing a random promise out there in an effort to earn a few more votes. Clearly he has not considered the economic benefits of having some of the world’s top distance runners racing in his city or the many runners who travelled to Toronto from out of town to participate in one of the weekend’s races.

Somehow I can’t see this plan ever coming to fruition. What do you think of the idea? I wouldn’t mind running one of the Toronto marathons in the future but I would not travel to Toronto just to run 42 km around Downsview.

Preparation for my next Marathon

I am exactly one week away from my next marathon. In a week from today I will run the Prince Edward County marathon in Picton, Ont. I only have three runs left in my training schedule. It is almost hard to believe it is almost race day.

My main goal for this marathon is to improve on my time from my last marathon, this year’s Ottawa marathon (3:32). You may remember from one of my earlier posts that the one problem I ran into during the Ottawa marathon was cramping in my calf muscles. In order to address this I added more mileage to my training for PEC, including two weeks of more than 100 km and 415 km in August alone.

As I head into my final week of preparation I feel confident in the training I have done over the summer. I will be running an easy run on Tuesday, a tempo run on Wednesday and another easy run on Friday before I head to the start line next Sunday.

Staying Motivated

Are you having trouble keeping yourself motivated to stick with your training plan? These tips may help.. maintaining your mind motor

Personally I find changing my running route every day to be beneficial. I try not to do the same route two days in a row. It doesn’t even have to be a big change. Even doing one of my usual routes from home in reverse order makes it seem like a new route.

Like the article mentions, a trail run can also be a nice change if you are used to running on roads. I did a 16 km trail run about a week before my last marathon and I also ran an 12 trail race last month. I enjoyed both of these experiences because they were a complete change from my usual training routine.


I know there is some debate over the benefits of stretching for running. I thought I would write about how I have incorporated stretching into my training routine.

As mentioned in my previous post, I injured my knee while training for my first half-marathon. While the injury was partially due to using worn-out shoes, a trip to a sports medicine doctor and a physiotherapist identified suggested that the injury was also due to tight leg muscles. In addition to the exercises they recommended for me, I also purchased a foam roller which although painful and uncomfortable to use at first was useful in stretching my leg muscles.

My current post-run stretching routine involves going through the ”10 best yoga poses for runners”. I found these exercises online earlier this year and have been using them for several months now. The exercises have certainly improved the flexibility in my legs which I figure can’t be a bad thing for my running.

The final series of exercises I use for stretching involves this series of pilates moves for runners which my wife found for me in an article on the Runners World website. I try to go through this series of moves when I have a chance on my rest days.

Building the Perfect Week

I found the following article that gives tips on how you can set up your perfect week of training in order to meet your goals

Currently my training plan involves me running 6 days a week. I take Sunday for long, slow runs while Monday is my day of rest. The rest of the week I try to schedule easy or recovery runs after more intense workouts like speed intervals, hill training, tempo runs or fartleks.

In terms of distance per week, at the peak of this training program I topped out at approximately 110-115 km during my three busiest weeks of training. Now that my goal marathon is less than to weeks away I am back down to about 60-65 km this week and then next week I will be doing substantially less mileage as I continue to taper before the marathon on October 3rd.

Running Shoes

I enjoy the challenge that comes with preparing for being able to run a marathon to the best of my abilities. I find it to be truely rewarding experience when I am able to cross the finish line on race day after all the training and preparation that goes into being able to run marathon. As mentioned in previous posts, I have run two marathons already and will be running another one in less than two weeks.

If there is one thing that does that gets me about preparing for a marathon it is the speed at which I go through a pair of shoes. Since most shoes are good for roughly 700 km of running, when training for a marathon and you are completing anywhere from 200-400 + km in a month you can expect your shoes to last about three months before they need replacing.

I have lost count of how many pairs I have been through so far this year. I think I am probably on my third pair so far. My current pair of shoes was purchased in August and already has around 350 km of use so far! As an aside, I started keeping track of the mileage on my shoes after I experienced a knee injury while I was training for my first half-marathon. Although not the only factor, continuing to use a pair of worn out shoes contributed to that injury.

At $130-140 it does get a little expensive if you decide to run multiple half-marathons or marathons in a year. However, I think it is a small price to pay for the health benefits that I get  from running along with the rewarding feeling that comes from crossing the finish line on race day after the months of training it takes to prepare for a marathon or even a half-marathon.

Pace Bunny, Army Run

As mentioned last night, today I participated in the Army Run as one of the pace bunnies. In case you are not familiar with the idea, pace bunnies are assigned a time that they commit to running during the race. They wear a hat with bunny ears and hold up a sign as they run so all the runners can see intended pace. My assigned time for the race was 27:30.

Since I am training for a marathon I had planned to do more than 5 km this morning. The race started at 8:00 so I headed out at 6:30 with my daughter in her Chariot. I ran about 6.5 km with my daughter and dropped her off at home and grabbed my hat and sign. Once ready, I ran to the start line of the race which gave me a total of 9.5 km before the race.

The weather was perfect for running today. It was still cool when the race started but the sun was shining. The race itself was pretty uneventful. After a bit of congestion at the start of the race I was able to hit my intended pace for the run according to my Garmin. I had a few runners following me at various points throughout the race.

Unfortunately my Garmin stopped a bit short of the finish line, indicating that I had completed 5 km. This slowed me down a little as I checked to see what happened but I continued and hit the finish line with a chip time of 28:00 which was still within 30 seconds of my assigned time. I guess that will teach me not to rely on my Garmin so much the next time and to watch my splits instead!

It was a good experience and I would do it again if the opportunity presents itself.

Army Run

Tomorrow I will be participating in the Army Run for the second year in a row. In its 3rd year, the Army Run is an icreasingly popular event in Ottawa that offers both a 5km and a half-marathon. Both of these race use similar courses to the National Capital races that take place in May, although this year the half-marathon will be using a new route due to a scheduling conflict with the Terry Fox run.

Since I am training for a marathon that takes place in two weeks I was not planning on participating in this event this year. However I decided to volunteer to act as a pace bunny and will be participating in the 5 km tomorrow since it will allow me give something back to the running community and participate in an event in support of a good cause. I will post a report about the race tomorrow.