Week 13 of Training for the Boston Marathon

Week 13 of training ended up being very similar to week 12 and that is a good thing. My plan was to aim for a similar week in terms of mileage and workouts and that is what I was able to accomplish.

I did make a couple of small changes to my training this week. This first was to do a second tempo run on Thursday instead of my weekly outing to the track for intervals. A run home from work ended up being more convenient than going to the track after the kids were in bed this time.

The other change I made was dropping my usual Friday easy run a running on Saturday instead, my usual rest day. The reason for this was so I could take my oldest girls to see Red Bull Crashed Ice downtown Friday night, a very cool event to see live by the way…

Saturday ended up be a pretty cold day so I stayed inside and took my run to the treadmill. I managed to get in 14 km in 70 minutes which is a long time for me on the treadmill. Fortunately hockey was on while I was running so I was able to enjoy an Oilers win while I ran…

Sunday was the highlight of the week for me. I was planning for a 32 km (20 mile) run to follow up on the previous Sunday’s 30 km effort. Unfortunately the GPS signal on my Garmin would not come through so I decided to run based on my overall time and perceived effort.

Through the first 4-5 km it felt like I was running at my goal marathon pace so I decided to stay out for about 2:30. I know that I slowed down a bit over the last 20-25 minutes of my run but otherwise my pace felt pretty consistent.

The first thing I did when I got back home was map out my route on my iPad. I was impressed when my last point gave me just over 32 km in 2:30. This run end up being one of the highlights of this training that I can think back to when I am in Boston for race day.

How was your week?