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Running a Marathon on a McDonald’s Diet?

A colleague of mine drew my attention today to an article about Joe D’Amico who is training for the L.A. Marathon, with a goal of beating his personal best of 2:36, on a diet consisting only of McDonald’s food.

My first reaction when I saw the article was to question why he would want to do this and the only thing I could think of was that he was looking for attention.  D’Amico claims he is doing it because he loves running and he loves McDonald’s food.

While he is fortunate that burns off many more calories than the average person the amounts of fat, sugar and sodium he will consume while following this diet surely cannot be good for his health as Morgan Spurlock found out in Supersize Me.

As for myself, I think I will stick my balanced diet to fuel my runs.

What do you think, are you ready ready to go on an all McDonald’s diet to train for your next race?

Veganism and Running


Possibly spurred by seeing the issue on Oprah the other day, my wife is thinking of trying a week of eating only vegan meals.

I am not sure if I am up for committing to making every meal vegan but I will certainly participate with her and have a series some vegan meals with her if she goes through with the idea.

If we were to go through with this I don’t think it would be too big of a change for either of us since we are healthy eaters and currently do not eat much red meat, preferring chicken and fish instead. We also regularly have meatless days. However, it might be tough for us to give up dairy products as we both enjoy yogurt and cheese.

My interest in this would be to see how it would impact my energy levels and my running as I am always on the lookout for meals and snacks that are good for fuelling my runs as well as for recovery once finished.

Let me know if you if you have had any experience with a vegan diet and how it has impacted your running.

Winning Nutrition Picks

Here is a list of 14 winning nutrition picks that will help give your running a boost.

I can’t comment on the cow’s milk vs. goat’s milk comparison but I have incorporated the other foods listed into my diet. The only comparison that really stands out for me is  peanut butter vs. almond butter. I tried almond butter on my bagels and it was too bland for me, my wife ended up using it to bake cookies because I was not going to finish it. I still prefer peanut butter or even cashew butter on my bagels.

Does Running with a Hydration Belt Slow you Down?

I’ve come across articles and messages posted on message boards suggesting that running with a hydration belt slows you down.

Personally, when I am running for more than 20 km I bring my fuel belt with 4 8oz bottles.This goes for half-marathons and marathons as well. The reason I choose to carry my fuel belt for these races is that most races offer Gatorade at water stations and I find Gatorade to be too sweet.

I fill my bottles with eLoad and have finished marathons in 3:32 and 3:22 using that approach. I have also tired GuBrew on training runs and liked it as well.

I am planning on running my next marathon here in Ottawa in May. I will be trying the same approach of carrying my fuel belt as I try to improve on the 3:22 I ran in October.

I guess it probably all comes down to personal preference and what you are used to. What do you think?