Book Review: Long Road to Boston

This is a book I was looking forward to reading because I am finally heading to Boston in April. The timing of its release last month seemed appropriate for me for that reason. I also enjoyed Mark Sutcliffe’s previous book about running,  Why I RunYou can read my review here.

The book tells the story of the Boston Marathon before going into Mark’s efforts to qualify for Boston followed by his race day experience when he ran Boston. I enjoyed the historical aspect to the book because I was not familiar with all the stories and events that are described. It gave me a better idea of why the Boston Marathon has become the Holy Grail for many runners. 

Mark’s qualifying experience resonated with me for a few reasons. First, it also took him several attempts with some close calls along the way because he ran his qualifying time. Like me he finally met the qualifying standard in Pennsylvania (the Run for the Red Pocono Marathon for Mark and the Philadelphia Marathon in my case). Finally, when we both qualified we ended up beating the cutoff by 22 seconds. 

Last not not least I enjoyed Mark’s description of his trip to Boston and his race day experience. With my training cycle for Boston about to get underway soon it got me excited to start a formal training routine again and about what I have to look forward to when I go to Boston in April.

If you are like me and are heading to Boston or if you have Boston as a long term goal I recommend grabbing a copy of this book. 

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