I came across this power meter for runners last year while searching Kickstarter for running related campaigns. I ended up backing the campaign and have had a Stryd device since September.

Unfortunately my model of Garmin was not on the initial list of watches that could be paired with the device. I put it aside after receiving it and only recently realized my Garmin can now be paired with it.

I have been using my Stryd device for about a week now. I have run a handful of runs with it so far but I am still very much getting familiar with the device. As you can see from the picture above it is worn like a heart rate meter.

If you are not familiar with Stryd it is a power meter for running. From what I understand power is a metric that has been used for cyclists but this is the first time someone has adapted it to running.

The first step to running with a Stryd is to run a critical power test – a 5 minute easy warm up, easy pace 800m, 5 minute warm up, max effort 1200m, 30 minute recovery, max effort 2400m and a 10 minute cool down. This test helps you set up personalized zones for different workouts you will be doing.

Having never run with a heart rate monitor I was not sure if it would bother me as I ran. I ran with it during my 30 km run yesterday and it did not move at all and did not cause any chafing.

Although I do not have much experience with the Stryd so far one thing I do like about it is the power map you get when you review a workout. Using different colours it shows where you slowed down, allowing you to have an idea of how consistent your run was. You can see what I mean here with my map of yesterday’s long run..

Stryd is something I will definitely continue to run with now that I have it working. I am looking forward to using it to help improve my running form and consistency.

If you have any experience using a Stryd I would be interested in your feedback since I am just starting to use mine.



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