Week 8 of Training for the Scotiabank Ottawa Marathon

As mentioned in Friday’s post I ran my second race of the year this week. Other than that this week was more of a recovery week. I ended up with a 53 km week. Other than the race my week consisted of a series of easy paced runs.

In terms of the race, as mentioned Friday, my goal was to finish the 10km in 40-41 minutes. The reason for that is that it would give me a time close to the 10 km race I did in January (41:06) and my time in the St Patrick’s Day race last year (40:56).

Yesterday turned out to be one of the colder days for the St Patrick’s Day race since I started doing the race in 2011. I really appreciated the fact that the start/finish line for this race is only a few blocks away from my house and I could leave at the last minute.

When I did leave the house I took my time getting there to give myself a very easy 2 km warm up. Following that my Garmin died and I ran without a watch. I felt good when the race started and felt like I was pushing hard. I ended up finishing in 41:31. The fact that I did not have my Garmin means that I am not sure where I lost time during the race. That said, the time still falls within the range of what I was aiming for so I can’t be too disappointed with it.

this morning I ended the week with a 16 km run, my shortest long run in several weeks. With more long runs over 30 km and 80-100 km weeks on the way this week was probably a good time for a recovery week.

How was your week?


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