My Next Race


Tomorrow morning I will be running my second race of the year. It will also be my second 10 km race of the year. Since 2011 the St. Patrick’s Day 10 km race has been a part of my training for the Ottawa Marathon in May.

I know for some of you it may seem odd that I register for a race that I do not really have a goal for. For me it actually makes sense and fits in with my training approach. It is a way to judge where I am at with my training for the marathon at this point.

The best part about this race is that the start and finish line is just a few blocks away from my house. As a result, it does not really take much of a commitment and my family can come out to watch the end of the race.

In terms of a goal, I guess what I would really like to accomplish is a time close to what I did in my first 10 km race this year back in January (41:06) and my result in this race last year (40:56). As long as I am not too far off those results I will be pleased with my run.

The one wildcard with this race is the weather. I’ve run this race in the snow and cold an there also was at least one year where I ran in short sleeves. Judging by the forecast tomorrow is going to be a decent day for running despite the fact than it will be colder than it has been the rest of the week (a high of 0C, 32F in the forecast).

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