Week 7 of Training for the Scotiabank Ottawa Marathon


Coming off a solid week last week my goal for this week was to build on that for another solid week. I finished off the week with 77 km done. This leaves me on pace to be up to 80-90 km weeks this month which is where I was hoping to be at this point in my training for race day in May.

As per usual my key workouts of the week were on Tuesday and Thursday. On Tuesday I opted for a run at tempo pace on my way home from work. It is not always easy to maintain a quick pace while running with a backpack but the warmer weather meant I had less in my backpack than I normally would at this time of year.

Thursday night was time for my weekly interval session. This week I did my interval session outside because it was too warm for a run at the indoor track. This is likely the earliest in a few years that I have given up on intervals at the indoor track. This week’s workout involved 3 x 1600m at a hard pace. With my warm up and cool down I ended up with a 12 km run.

Although it was cool when I headed out for my long run this morning it was a great day for it…

27.6 km done this morning#running #marathontraining #runottawa #run613 #seenonmyrun #irun

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My plan as I headed out the door was for 26-27 km. As you can see I managed to surpass that with my run this morning. Despite the fact that it was cool at the start of my run it felt like an early spring day by the time I finished.

Next may see a bit of a drop in my weekly mileage because I am planning on running the St Patrick’s Day race on Saturday. After that I will definitely be aiming to hit 80-90 km weeks.

How was your week?

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