Week 4 of Training for the Ottawa Marathon

I’m late writing my weekly update post again. I was planning on writing this post after my long run on Sunday as usual but had to cut that run short and did not have time to write a post for reasons I will explain later.

My training plan called for 65 km of running last week which is consistent with the mileage I have been doing lately. I ended up with a total of 63 km done for the week. That is comparable to where I was at similar points in previous training cycles. Going ahead I will be looking to consistently add mileage to my weeks so I can hit my mileage targets for the busiest points of my training cycle in April and May.

in terms of last week, I stuck to one run at a higher intensity. With the snow we’ve had recently and the icy sidewalks we have now it is tough to maintain a good pace in some areas so my tempo and speed workouts have been confined to the indoor track. Last week I opted for an 8 km tempo run following a short warm up.

With regards to the long run I mentioned at the start, my plan was for a 24 km run after the kids went to bed. Unfortunately when I got to 17 km I got a message from home saying my youngest needed to go to the hospital to be checked by a doctor. Fortunately by that point I was close to home again and the shortest route home was 2 km done at a very quick pace. The best news was that it turned out to be nothing serious and following a short exam by the doctor we were back n our way home.

Week 5 should end up being a similar week in terms of mileage and workouts. I will look to add more mileage to my schedule next week. That should not be too difficult since my upcoming long runs will be close to 30km alone.

How was your week of training?

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